View Full Version : Killer Croc sewer Level.

31st Dec 2009, 01:47
I've been searching the forums and searching online for a while now with this frustrating problem. I know people have been having issues with killer croc locking up the game at the very beginning but this never happened to me until I got to the sewer level. It keeps locking up on me on that level.

Sometimes its within seconds and other times I can go 10 minutes or so. It will lock up hard and I have to hit the reset button on the pc. I'm to the point where I got all of the pollen and i'm working my way out of the sewer but it locks up before I can get to the end/next save point. I've updated ALL of my drivers and I've turned the graphics down to low. I even disabled my sound card and nothing seems to work.

I played the challenges I have unlocked for about 2 hours last night without a hitch. It seems theres seems to just be a glitch with anything dealing with croc. Any help would be awesome. I'm not going to uninstall/reinstall the game just so I can finish up one level. It was bad enough getting games for windows live to work in the first place.

31st Dec 2009, 01:56

Is this the case? If so, your only option is probably to start all the way from the beginning, again. :hmm:

31st Dec 2009, 03:17
I can move around just fine. I may start over anyway though. Just to see if it will work this time around. :(

2nd Jan 2010, 05:09
I tried it again today and somehow made it through the level without a lockup. I actually finished the game also.