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30th Dec 2009, 04:33
It wasnt hard to find.Just google it and you should find it.
Its by Kyle Ward,112 pages,dated "9/13/07" so hopefully changes have been made between then and production time.

Story goes like this.Kane + Lynch are kidnapped from a prison bus by Kane's old partner named Cosgrove, who he thought died during a mission back in Venezuela. The mission was to retrieve a microchip called "The Skeleton Key" which contains launch codes to unused nuclear weapons from the Cold War, but the mission went to hell,the chip was stolen by someone else, and Kane was convicted for treason.Cosgrove (who is the founding member of The7) tells Kane he needs him to steal the chip from its owner, Retomoto, or he will kill his wife and daughter.Cosgrove needs Lynch becuase Lynch was part of a secret government project called "Black Charon" which trained subjects to memorize numeric data, which makes Lynch the only living person that can translate the codes from "The Skeleton Key" and offers Lynch the identity of his wifes killer in exchange for translating but Lynch is all messed up from the mind manipulation that he hears voices and is out of control.

To put it plainly the movie doesnt have a "Kane and Lynch feel",it plays out like a cheap action movie.Bad jokes.Poor dialogue.Just overall a bad movie.worse adaptation.They made Kane into Jason Bourne.Lynch talks like a character from Shakespeare.Through out the story a CIA agent named Carmikael who goes after them has to be the dumbest thing added to the story.Its just another crappy videogame adaptation.:mad2:

30th Dec 2009, 05:25
what were you expecting? honestly dude... did you see the Hitman movie?

we knew this bag of literary llama **** was going to suck the minute it left the gate, the question is more appropriately... how badly will it suck.

30th Dec 2009, 06:16
Ha! That's the very same script I read. It is beyond awful.

Apparently, Lynch has the Skeleton Key inside his head or some bull-**** like that.

30th Dec 2009, 10:02
There is already a topic about K&L Movie.