View Full Version : Intensive care glitch

29th Dec 2009, 01:27
As I walk through the main corridor through intensive care the game seems to crash, several graphical glitches appear and then the game boots into Challenge mode where you start to play as the joker... very weird stuff.

This happens right after Poison Ivy says "Did anyone catch the game" on your way to Killer Croc


29th Dec 2009, 01:54
No worries:It's the developers messing with your head,by making it seem like the players worst fear has come true.Guess who it is in the storyline :D

29th Dec 2009, 01:59
are you serious? this is supposed to happen?

29th Dec 2009, 02:13
All part of the third and final Scarecrow dream. No worries.

29th Dec 2009, 02:46
Yeah it's suppose to happen. It's great isn't it? Really makes your heart pound the first time.