View Full Version : STORE Skin Display

4th Mar 2014, 10:39
Simple enough, rather than displaying a picture for the skin when you click on it, a rotating gif of the class would let people see the front and back of a skin before deciding on it.

4th Mar 2014, 15:07
Indeed since I will mostly be seeing the back not the front anyway

4th Mar 2014, 19:57
Yeah if they don't got the booty i don't want to spendy

4th Mar 2014, 20:10
Yeah, I'd like this. I wouldn't have bought some of the skins I ended up with if I'd had known what they looked like when actually rendered.

4th Mar 2014, 20:54
It's on the very long backlog of things to do :)

5th Mar 2014, 16:49
It's on the very long backlog of things to do :)

I'd like to suggest moving this up on the priorities list, since this could improve sales. I know I am very reluctant to buy a skin at their current price since I can only see half of the model (and not the half that I'll be seeing most of the time).

5th Mar 2014, 16:59
It should also show the character without their head, arms and legs. Because this is what some of us will be seeing the most of.