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29th Dec 2009, 01:12
I am about ready to blow.

I must have spent at least 20 hours scouring these and other forums and seem unable to find a solution to my problem so I figured it's time to reach out...Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you read on I'm sure you'll see I have exhausted most options...

Like any cautious person might do, I tried the demo on my computer before buying the game. The demo crashed a couple of minutes in, so I made some adjustments (I think I just turned off the physx) and was able to play through no problem (several times) so I bought the game.

First time playing I had no problem, but after that, any time I've played it seems to crash at times between 5 seconds to 10 minutes into a game. I've had crashes at many points throughout (currently at 12% completion) including the opening sequence walking joker through, the first fight sequence (after the gordon intro), before the scarecrow fight (when you see gordon get pulled away), and after the bane fight, as you walk along the dock...as well as MANY other locations. I'm able to progress through the game, but with it crashing around an average of every 5 minutes, I don't get far at a time.

I've probably had the game crash on me at least 20 times, all with me making minor adjustments here and there to try and figure something out.

I've tried at least 10 different nvidia drivers, including the most current, and also those that windows update recommends (and many in between). I've patched the game and GFWL and do not have this problem in any other game. I've tried running the game with and without physx, including many combinations in graphics settings (everything from low to very high) as well as making many tweaks in my main nvidia control panel. I've also tried running the game specifically in Direct x 9 or 10 with no avail.

Oh and I've also tried disabling my sound card, which I read had worked for some people, but no luck for me. I also doubt it's an overheating issue seeing as I have my laptop on a cooling unit at all times and it never gets hot (and when I'm able to read it from the computer it's always between 35-70 degrees). Also, I haven't done any overclocking or any other mods of any kind.

Most of that tweaking was on Win 7 64-bit, so I did a reformat today and did a fresh install of Win 7 32-bit, just to see if that was the issue.

After updating my drivers and such, I thought I had finally received a miracle...upon first playing, I was able to play about 45 minutes or so without a crash, until stopping by my own free will. The next time I went to play I hadn't changed anything, and the game crashed about 15 minutes in. Now I'm at the part right after the Bane fight on the dock approaching the island, and it has crashed on me about 3 or 4 times just after ending a transmission with oracle.

The crashes are generally as follows: The animation stops, usually with strange lines across the screen (like a broken mirror) with most of the screen simply going black. The sound tends to continue or loop. At this point I usually do a Ctrl-Alt-Del, where I try to navigate to the task manager with varied success.When I get to the task mamager, sometimes the game pops back on its own and is fine (this has happened like 5 times), sometimes it lets me get to the task manager, where I usually 'end process', and most of the time (75%) it crashes to the point that I have to do a hard restart of the computer.

I consider myself pretty competent on the computer, but I'm really running out of ideas here...anyone??

[my specs: Asus n51vn, core 2 duo @ 2.53Ghz, 4 gb ram, nvidia gt240m]

29th Dec 2009, 13:18
Even though you have disabled the sound card, what kind is it? I know there were a lot of 'known' issues stated by Eidos with Realtek sound cards. Also, are you running with PhysX on or off? Also, maybe (if you're not already) try running the program as the administrator?

It sounds like you know what you're doing so I don't have a whole lot else to suggest.

29th Dec 2009, 16:15
It is a realtek sound card. I believe it gave me the warning when I installed the demo but sound wasn't an issue at all then, and when my full install works the sound seems fine as well.

I did try disabling it once and it still crashed.

Sound is one thing I really don't get. Like why is there a seperate nvidia HD audio driver? Is that significant? I've tried uninstalling all sound drivers and windows usually just installs its own overtop (I realize I can stop this), but I'm pretty certain it's not a soundcard issue since I had exactly the same crashes with the soundcard disabled (disabled as in I couldn't hear a thing).

2nd Jan 2010, 03:40
Just an update...doesn't seem like there's any solutions coming my way but I just though I'd update my problem in case others are having the same issue and this might help them in any way. I would also like to add a warning to anyone looking to buy this game...

I am UNABLE to play this game at what I'm sure most people would consider a tolerable level (crashes pretty much once every 5 minutes). My computer is BRAND NEW (like 2 months old) and as you see from my specs pretty decent (its like a $1300 Canadian dollar laptop full price, I got it for $1100...exchange rate is 95% to USD so slightly less if you're on that side of the border). I've updated everything, and have tried probably 35-40 different things at this point, to no avail, and have wasted dozens of hours in the process...

Just a heads up if you're considering buying it. I did try the demo and it worked fine, so if you're going to buy it maybe borrow it from a friend first or something ;)

I have pretty much officially given up, unless I somehow get a miracle this week I WILL be returning the game.

As I said in my first post, I have tried everything I can think of. Since then, I've even gone further and have tried XP Professional, Vista 32-bit, and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit all with exactly the same issue (though on XP it looked a little different when it crashed, slightly more colourful...). The different OS types/versions were all with the latest nvidia drivers (195.62) and trying different versions of direct x and graphics/physX settings etc...

Good luck all, let's hope AA2 has a most reliable port...or ideally not a port at all and a proper development/testing team.