View Full Version : No Win 7 support seriously... explain the logic

28th Dec 2009, 16:43
The game was released in September 09',

Win 7 Was in a downloadable beta since January 09

Win 7 was released as a RTM in late october of 09'

But you WON'T support it...... under what logic?

I can understand that you were origianlly develoing / testing it with XP out since 03' and Vista out since 07'

But not supporting Win 7' is completely absurd. Vista is based in the i386 kernal (as is XP and Win 7'.

Win 7 is very close to Vista minus the performance issues.

If you plan to be taken seriously as a game developer you need to consider the future, Win 7 is rapidly replaceing both XP (Due to its lack support for newer hardware) and Vista (due to its dismall performance and mirid of other problems).

Your seriously going to let your Mini ninja game die a premature death because your.... dare I say lazy.

If this is your mentality then perhaps you should just code for some late 90's light graphics company and maintain it databases.

Leave the game devolpment to the professionals.

3rd Jan 2010, 19:08
The deveolpers do not decide what platforms will be supported. The managers do.

So if you want the game to support windows 7 (which I agree that is should) pissing off the developers, or whoever responds here won't do.

I seriously doubt that whoever made the decision to not support windows 7 ever reads these boards.

4th Jan 2010, 16:15
There is nothing wrong with no official Windows 7 support. This is something that is a common thing across multiple, current PC games. Mini Ninjas was in development for around 2 years (give or take a few months) which is well before Windows 7 was even released. The decision to support it all comes down to many factors like adoption rate of the OS, compatibility, development schedule, etc.

The game works on XP, Vista and it can work on Windows 7. I honestly don't see what the problem is. The only thing you'd see with official support is Windows 7 being listed in the Systems Requirements box on the packaging/online and some official support.

The only thing IOI/Eidos/Square Enix Europe really need to do is actually release a patch for PC users.