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28th Dec 2009, 15:14
In replaying TR1 on the PS1 ( just for fun) I came to realize what I miss most about Lara in recent games is the "Side Jump"

Yes it defies logic, physics and would require some serious abdominal muscles but come on - I love the side jump - I love the side jump and shoot! .. I miss the back flip and shoot..

In the quest to be more life-like I suppose that these were shed but I would HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK love to see them return if not in the actual game but as a secret you could unlock and then replay all the levels with -- maybe even thrown in a puzzle you can't do for a secret unless you have the side jump and back flip -- yeah! re-playability. :D

In the past I have loved the "Dragon's Lair" type sequences where you have to hit the right key or movement at the right time but the integration of slow motion really slows down the action - maybe we could speed it up a little? ( like the old Dragon's Lair - you either get it right or get the shaft. what say if you drop these sequences and preform a great move the game would pause long enough to instant replay in slow motion - giving you time to gloat and boast - that fantastic bit of acrobatic/kill shot ? (oh yeah - "IN YOUR FACE!" /victory_dance)


Opinions? Comments?


28th Dec 2009, 18:09
But she can do a side jump in the last three games! :confused::confused:
Well, only when holding guns but still, it's possible. What I miss is the 'classic roll', that was fun!

28th Dec 2009, 18:32
True - I guess my post is a bit confusing - I do love the roll - I love the old hand stand - this still from the era when Mortal Kombat was big and if you knew how to do moves and button combination's the other guy didn't you had the advantage.

I do love the addition of hand to hand with Lara's Shadow - which if the new game is a pre-TR1 she won't be back ( super evil Lara rules ) but vented much frustration with baddies punching them so hard they explode.

Throw in some pro wrestling moves - get close hit action do a key combination like square triangle circle and BAM! Lara busts into a suplex - or add in your favorite move - maybe too far fetched having her wrench a 200lb man over her head but there is a bit of fantasy here right? ok maybe Jackie Chan style -" you can't touch me even if you try" - moves; as a gymnast I am sure she has the bending and dodging thing down.

I guess the point is spending time with Lara and getting to know her and helping her on her quest - it is the point of the game not just solving the puzzle - we want to see HER win and do it with style.

29th Dec 2009, 18:24
I agree with all that there needs to be some of that laraness brought back instead of just worrying about getting to the end of the game. It was tons more fun. And i guess lara kind of had a side jump in underworld but she would only do that when you jumped backwards off a wall run. but yeah that was not the same as what you were talking about lol

4th Jan 2010, 06:37
But the classic role is not very easy to do in real life and it would really hurt on stone/bricks lol
I must say i dont like the new flips on underwolrd because they are to disinctive which makes them look very repetitive and they are glichy as well.:)

4th Jan 2010, 18:53
I did always wonder why lara's awesome side jumps and back flips had gone without using guns... Bu what frustrates me is bi by bit they've removed lara's awesomeness! TR:L she could front flip by repeatedly pressing jump and keep pressing and you get an awesome move! However they reduced lara's amazingness in anniversary (understandable since that was set 10 years ago since it came out) and put in some entirley different moves in underworld and getting rid of the double jumps so you could only double jump by rolling and jumping!
Also... Lara has no side rolls or back hand springs in combat mode in TR:U which dissappointed me... :( they just replaced lara's awesome back flip with a just as good backward straight flip. Still dissappoints me...