View Full Version : MISC. Frames of invincibility?

4th Mar 2014, 08:37
Please don't bite my head off but I am just wondering if there is or not.

When I play as vampires I run across certain instances when I melee humans I seem to miss even though they are right in front of me. Most of these cases are indeed when they are rolling so when I do hit both my character model and theres are at a "handshakes" distance yet no damage is done.

It might just be my connection at times (especially when I get in eu servers) but I just wanted clarification.

Thanks for anytime spent answering!

4th Mar 2014, 09:38
I notice the same thing, clearly hitting someone in their roll but the damage not registering, very frustrating.

4th Mar 2014, 09:40
I thought humans were un-hittable when they dodge rolled. Though that has been going back and forth between un-hittable and hittable throughout the alpha.

Applies to melee only afaik.

4th Mar 2014, 09:43
Only reason I want to know so badly is because another player called me an idiot for assuming this.......I really dislike players who put other players down lol....

4th Mar 2014, 09:52
I bloody wish humans were invincible during rolls. I've basically given up trying to dodge roll in melee because all it does is let me die with the vampire less weakened.