View Full Version : Game Froze

27th Dec 2009, 20:28
Game loads fine, a little choppy. but freezes in the very beginning when you approach Croc. I can move around in a circle, but game does not continue past that point.

28th Dec 2009, 03:26
exact same thing here happening to me! i hope someone answers us

28th Dec 2009, 03:41
You guys are the 2nd and 3rd who have this same problem. I don't think there's a fix. Try restarting the game, starting a new game, or reinstalling the game. If nothing works, I suggest a refund. "/

28th Dec 2009, 07:31
tried all of those. great. i told him to keep reciept. i hope my uncle did. but this game goes perfect next to my 1:6 joker figures?!

28th Dec 2009, 15:07
I'm sure it does... :(

29th Dec 2009, 02:10
he can get a full refund. eventually i'll get ps3 or xbox

29th Dec 2009, 21:50
ill just copy and paste what i replied to jokerfan in another post

"@ jokerfan
What soundcard do you have?. Ive heard that problem alot , and it was always related to a specific onboard soundcard called "Realtek High def audio"
their problem was either the the scanning room door doesnt open up, or nothing happens after killer croc gets out the elevator.
All you really have to do is update the right drivers for your onboard soundcard. "

Updating soundcard drivers fixed theissue for alot of people, but if that doesnt work them im afraid i dont know anymore possible solutions,

And it would be very hard for the TC to get a refund if hes already used the cd-key for his copy. Since the cd-key would be linked to his windows live account.