View Full Version : stuck in 31%cannot continue eidos sux

27th Dec 2009, 19:39
Ok so i am in the Aviary where the 2 prisoners needs to be rescued from the cages. I know the event will trigger after killing all the henchmen in the room because i did that once and then quit the game to continue later.

Now when i log back in and try to continue the mission there is only 1 henchmen left in the room and killing him wont trigger the event to get the guards free. Allso i cant leave the room or defuce the "hidden" bomb because "i need to rescue the guards first"

So give it to me straight, am i doomed and should stop playing this game and boycot eidos from now on or can this ridiculous bug be fixed?

PS: sorry for the really bad english

27th Dec 2009, 20:09
Try again, by restarting to the last checkpoint a couple of times. If all else doesn't work, just restart I'm afraid.

28th Dec 2009, 00:12
yeah it doesnt work ive tried it. seems that ill have to start again but cant be arsed with that

28th Dec 2009, 16:52
if you have done it once it shold have restarted you ,after that cutscene unless you stopped playing before the save icon had finished??