View Full Version : GIANT samaria warrior in samarai castle ch. 2

26th Dec 2009, 23:30
Okay so I am in Chapter 2 and I got inside the samarai castle. U know that big HUGE GIANT samarai warrior called I think, a lumbering foot? with a really long sword and what looks to be a pot on his back? how do you beat him? Every time I go to deal him any damage attak him with anything I have it doesn't do any damage..... I end up die trying. I ama lvl 2 ninja. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! I love this game and would hate to quit it because I can't get passed this impossible end to a chapter. FOR NINTENDO DS

31st Dec 2009, 11:39
In the X360 version you are supposed to go behind the... you know the big tree-ish things that hold up the ceiling. So he swings his sword and gets stuck. Then you jump up on his sword by pressing some buttons.

1st Jan 2010, 15:34