View Full Version : Center camera keyboard key?

26th Dec 2009, 01:08
what is the center camera key for the keyboard.:(
I know it is enabled on the xbox controller so it should have a keyboard button too.


8th Jan 2010, 19:27
Really, NO ONE has any info?

8th Jan 2010, 20:07
Open the launcher and see if there is a keybinding for it.

Don't take offense to the following :D

*types for the millionth time*
Vista: Right click the icon in the Games folder and choose "Run Launcher".
XP: Run it in /Program Files/Eidos Games/Batman: Arkham Asylum/bin/BmLauncher.exe

There is a way to manipulate the key bindings from there. If you don't see a way to change the key for centering the camera, my guess is that there isn't a way to do it :o