View Full Version : Can't get passed the Flooded Corridor - bug?

26th Dec 2009, 00:21

I've been playing for so many hours now that I can barely read, but I'll give it a go :D
So, this is the problem: I'm doing the mission "Destroy the Titan Production Facility in the Botanical Gardens" by tracking Harley Quinn's movements to locate the production facility. I've managed to turn off the electricity, which Joker turned on, and I am therefore able to get into the Abondoned Chamber. I've solved the riddle and collected two of the trophies. But when I enter the Flooded Corridor, I'm not capable of using the grapple, which means that I can't move on with the game's story. Is it possible that I have missed some vital elements during the gaming that would cause this problem, or is it bug?

Hoping for advices and solutions

Thomas :)

26th Dec 2009, 01:03
What do you need to use grapple for? Try restarting your game a couple of times to the last checkpoint and see if that works.