View Full Version : Explosive Gel?

25th Dec 2009, 11:12
I've started playing Batman on my PC. Everything went smooth until I came to the part in which I must use explosive gel on some door. I use the pistole to place the gel on the door but I can get t datonated. I tried everything. And don't tell me to use the middle button on the mouse because it doesn't work. It just scrolls through my wepons...

So how to detonate the gel?

25th Dec 2009, 12:14
It's set up to use the middle button pressed in, not scrolling that button up or down. If your mouse doesn't function like this, then I'd suggest buying a cheep optical mouse that will do this for 20-30 bucks. I am not sure if you can change that particular binding control, or not.

25th Dec 2009, 16:43
What I do is press a key on the keyboard. You'll have to manually set that up before you launch the game.

I set mine to G, so everytime I spray the gel on a wall, I think I right click and then detonate it by pressing G.