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25th Dec 2009, 06:28
First off, having done a quick search for "360 wired controller" on these here forums has procured no results for an issue related to mine, and neither had google through several searches, so if this a dupe thread and someone can link me to a fix, that would be greatly appreciated. On to the issue.

So to date, I've played through Hard Mode, finished it 100% as well as got all 1000 points out of this game, and was wanting to go through it again for obvious reasons. All this time I had been using my Wired Xbox 360 Controller with no problems to speak of. However, after using the controller wired controller with another program, Batman Arkham Asylum has seemed to become jealous and is refusing input from this controller.

The peculiar thing is this, my friends. I am still able to use the Guide Button on the controller, and am able to fully navigate the Games For Windows Live menus while B:AA runs. The only thing that I can conclude is that B:AA is refusing to accept input from this pad for an unknown reason. (However I still speculate that it is doing this out of jealousy that I have dared to play another game.)

I have restarted my PC, and have checked to make sure there is nothing wrong with the plug for the pad or the USB ports and the drivers are fully updated. There seems to be no logical reason for this sudden lack of activity and response.

The pad does, however still respond with every other compatible game/program, even the partner program that runs with B:AA. (IE GFWL)

If any of you can provide some suggestions or might know of a way to fix this issue, that would be greatly appreciated. Although I'm not against using the mouse and keyboard, I have come accustomed to playing the game with this controller and it would be a handicap to play it without, although it could be a new way to challenge myself. Thank you in advance for any productive replies I receive.

25th Dec 2009, 07:50
The issue has been resolved. I hadn't thought to remove my girlfriends gamepad from my computer, so the game was expecting the input to come from that pad instead of the 360 pad. This can be locked down.

17th Mar 2010, 15:08
is there a fix for this though so that more than one controller can be plugged in I would like to know