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24th Dec 2009, 23:12
What a piece of GARBAGE!!

Let me introduce myself here:

BIG Batman fan, was looking fwd to this game IMMENSELY, played the demo every day for two months.

Bought a GTX 280 to play this game on full, which necessitated a new power supply, got 2 GB RAM to a total of 4GB and got Windows 7 64X, after the game was still crashing all the time in Vista 32. Also the game kept crashing at 13%, when you enter the corridor right before entering the morgue. Whether with PhysX or not.

After all these upgrades and MANY MANY hassles at getting this game to work and countless hours of troubleshooting things that should not have been an issue, even ready to buy a NEW DISC because I thought something may be wrong with mine and I didn't have the receipt anymore, it finally installed without CRC error messages (I was getting 3-5 on each install but the game still would play, at least till those 13%). And I can see I wasn't the only one on this forum with that problem.

(sidenote: bought 'Left 4 Dead' the same week as Batman AA and the game installed flawlessly, in 40 hrs of gameplay has only crashed ONCE, Batman crashes ALL THE TIME)

So I got to 64%, spent a lot of hours exploring and playing the game over the last 4 days because I have time off, really enjoy the game itself and after a usual crash, reboot, start the game, this time I switched off PhysX again because there was another instance where the game just would not play.

And I get a note "corrupt savegame"!!!!!!!!!!!! Please delete!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent about 20hrs, I'm guessing, on this game, including all the insane-making crashes and reboots and I have to start over?

FRACK YOU Eidos!! Or whoever is responsible for this mess!

Also, SCREW your sequel! This from a BATMAN and VIDEO GAME fan!!!! I went to great lengths to play this game and it's been such a hassle.

In the future, I will also REFUSE to buy any game that necessitates using GFWL. I think the only licensed property other than Batman that I would really want to play is Battlestar Galactica and I would stay clear of it if it uses GFWL. I have read the stories where someone's savegame is suddenly deleted. How can I or anyone else bother to play a game and we have to live in fear whether our score will remain next time we log in? And what is the point of GFWL, if you don't care that there are ppl on the boards that are OBVIOUSLY cheating at their scores??!! I am completely disgusted by how the consumer is treated by these companies. They don't even bother with an apology/explanation. Why is the patch from GFWL STILL faulty? I had to repatch it from another source. This is crazy.

The PhysX is not worth this hassle. I don't have a console so I couldn't get it for another system. I would never recommend this game for PC. Great game but something is REALLY lousy somewhere in the background, to have so many problems running the bloody thing. I have Unreal Tournament and other games based on the Unreal Engine, never had a problem with those.


27th Dec 2009, 00:19
I just ran into a problem that i cant continue gaming because of a bug. Havent found anything to fix this. Gonna download all eidos games in the future just for the hell of it. I Feel ashamed that i actually bought batman aa...

27th Dec 2009, 00:27
i find it strange about the problems
i purchast my game from best buy a couple of months back
and i have had 0 issues with the game
what is you system specs and do you overclock anything?

27th Dec 2009, 20:07
i find it strange about the problems
i purchast my game from best buy a couple of months back
and i have had 0 issues with the game
what is you system specs and do you overclock anything?

Should I post my dxdiag or just list the main points?

E4500 Core2Duo 2.2 GHz, not OCd
GTX 280 1GB, not OCd
Win7 Professional 64x

After spending 3 days (or better put, nights) getting back to the point where my Savegame got corrupted, I am now stuck at the fireworks, 71%. Getting Runtime error Visual C++ crap again. After I uninstalled all Visual C and then reinstalled the latest version (64x).

Why the F#$^ is this so complicated? I have never ever experienced this with any other game before. In 20 years of gaming.