View Full Version : No Sound at all

24th Dec 2009, 15:51
Hopefully I can get a developer or someone here to help with a resolution

Bought the game off Steam, installed, and I get no sound at all, not even on the title screens. The Demo has had sound working just fine.

System - Gigabyte X48, Intel Q9550, 3.4Ghz OC, 4GB DDR2-800, nVidia 9800GT, XP Pro 32 bit SP3

Soundcard - RME Fireface 800 (yes a soundcard that is more expensive than the rest of the computer combined)

I use this PC for professional video and audio editing and have never ever had an issue with a game working perfectly on it.


24th Dec 2009, 17:25
A BIOS update was available from RME for the Fireface800 that I had not installed. After I flashed the card, Batman worked. Not sure how the software in a game could be affected by that. But to any other RME users, check for flash updates.