View Full Version : BMgame has stopped working

24th Dec 2009, 15:17
Got BMAA through steam, whenever I try to start it, it gives me the above error. I have deleted local content and reinstalled, patched it to 1.1, disabled onboard sound in the bios (i have an add on sound card), I have the latest gfx and sound drivers, and I am stumped.

My system is:
amd 955 be
radeon 4890
4gb ddr3

Any help is appreciated!

26th Dec 2009, 03:47
I have the same problem, i actually think it has to do with GFWL and its update that hit on the 15th of dec, my game hasnt worked through steam since. Even if you have the steam version, itll actually work without steam on. Just go to your batmanAA directory in steamapps, into the binaries folder, and double click BmStartApp.exe and the game will run, youll have to adjust your video settings from My documents/Eidos/B:AA/BmGame/Config/UserEngine.ini though.