View Full Version : camera troubles

23rd Dec 2009, 16:35
Hi everyone,
I ahve been having trouble with the camera continuously panning. this started occurring right after leaving the batcave and entering the first level with snipers. any suggestion would be helpful.

sys info:

Win7 Pro 32 bit
radeon 4890 1GB
socket 939 athlonx2 4400+
2 gigs ddr400
1 SATA drive
microsoft intellimouse explorer
microsoft wireless 3000 keyboard

23rd Dec 2009, 19:02
Do you have a controller or some sort of extra device plugged into your computer? I would try unplugging it if you do, that might help.

23rd Dec 2009, 21:08
Agreed, the demo did this to me.

Unplug the gamepad and it should work fine. If you want to use a normal PC gamepad with this game, you have to use an xbox controller emulator, otherwise the screen spins.

29th Dec 2009, 03:39
yep that was it I did not notice that the controller that is plugged in was jammed between my preamp and the wall causing the game to constantly pan.