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3rd Mar 2014, 22:15
So I'm one of the few Sentinels who use Echolocation a lot. I use it to see where my enemies are, which directiont they're facing so I can grab someone from behind rather than flying right into their face. I can use it to find a new respawned human before he manages to regroup, etc. I like the ability.

There is one major problem I've encouterered with it so far that I think should be changed, because it has gotten me into some trouble a couple of times.

If you use Echolocation, it will allow you to see any humans based on when you used it. I have several times used Echolocation, seen a lone human, thinking it was an easy kill seeing how he was alone and I could just kidnap/drop/gust combo. Then as the echolocation wears off and I just a second later fly past the building he was standing behind I'm suddenly surrounded by three other humans who didn't show up on echolocation.

Basically, humans who respawn during echolocation doesn't show up, and this has gotten me killed several times because I thought I was flying towards a lone human who in fact was very well guarded.

I believe this shouldn't be the case and Echolocation should refresh the locations of any humans several times during its duration.

Also, the accuracy decrease it inflicts on humans should be clearer. How much of a % decrease? This part of the ability is very hard to tell if it's actually doing anything at all... or not.

Just a fun suggestion I came up on the fly without any thought of balancing: Echolocation used near humans should cause ringing in their ears the same way blind effects on vampires happen. They wont be able to hear what's going on, but they can still see, making awareness around them much harder.

3rd Mar 2014, 22:34
I agree, it should update more frequently, and we should get an idea of what the % decrease in accuracy it actually inflicts, and what is the radius of this reduction effect?

This along with many abilities that need updated tooltips and better descriptions.

I do like the 'deafening' idea, especially if you're a sentinel coming in for a grab, or you have a tyrant readying a charge, or reaver ready to pounce, I think it's actually a better use for it than the % accuracy decrease.

3rd Mar 2014, 23:34
This is a very good point. I'll talk to our engineers about getting it to update regularly and not just highlight humans who were alive when the ability was used.

3rd Mar 2014, 23:38