View Full Version : Falling under map and can't get out

23rd Dec 2009, 02:19
Hi! I'm not sure exactly what level I am on, but I am at the point in the game when you go through the tree stump to get into the castle. I get to the point where you try to jump up the walls and then there is a short cut away which shows the mini ninja crawling out of the well. Then when the cut away ends, I end up falling below the map, and can't managed to get back out again. I want to finish playing the game, but can't figure out how to get out. Any help would be appreciated. Oh and I am playing on a PC.

27th Dec 2009, 11:07
Can you provide details of your computer setup please?

17th Jan 2010, 19:39
i have the same problem in the stage 8 when you have to infiltrate to the castle in the night using a subterranean cave in a tree when you go up through the well the ninja fall under the map and can get out

22nd Jun 2010, 00:45
I am also having the same problem. I go through the tree trunk and when I jump up to get out of the well I fall behind the game and get stuck in the rocky ice area.

Any fixes? What is there?

Thanks for any help!:o

4th Jul 2010, 12:00
Jep same thing here. I wall jump up the well at the end of the underground water cave and when I get up there I fall through the ground and can't do anthing but restart from checkpoint. I tried that a couple of times and still I fall through the floor. Gonna try to restart the level (not happy about that) and let you know if I still clip through the ground.

EDIT:It's on the level you have to infiltrate the second castle by night.
EDIT2: I restarted the level and changed the resolution. That seemed to fix it. Don't know if it's one or the other or both but I think you just have to restart the level.