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23rd Dec 2009, 01:36
Hey Guys, thanks in advance for reading my question.

I played Batman several times on my laptop while I was studying abroad - however it was difficult since my laptop can barely run the game. Now I have returned home and, after finishing over 60% of the game I'd like to finish the rest of it on my desktop, which can easily run the game.

I've tried installing on my desktop and then transferring the saved games files over to the desktop (My documents/Eidos/...) but this did not work - it still asked me to create a new Windows live account. So, I did. Then, I noticed that account had saved games in the same My documents/Eidos/batman... folder, so I copied the .sav file from my old profile and copied it over the new profiles .sav file - this resulted in the game loading and saying "corrupt save".

Is there some way to copy my entire Windows live profile over, instead of just the saved games folder? It seems the game realizes it is not the same windows live account trying to load the save and won't allow it. These are all local windows live accounts, my computer wasn't always connected to the internet so I figured it was easiest to just keep it local.

There must be a way to backup saves or transfer saves from one computer to another - any idea on how I can accomplish this?

Thanks a lot :) you'd be saving me from having to restart allllll over again if you could help me out - I'd really appreciate it!


27th Mar 2010, 19:45
I'd really like to know this as well. I beat the game long ago on my Win7 RC PC. When I got the full version of Win7 I wanted to continue playing the challenges that I didn't beat. Transfering the save files didn't work for me either. What's up with that?

30th Mar 2010, 04:59
People, we just need to get loud and annoying about this save game issue. They can probably have someone program a fix and dispatch it in an update in a day. It's totally ridiculous.

I contacted Microsoft's Games for Windows Live, and their team was really nice and worked dilligently to find me an answer to this question. When they finally got a hold of someone in their tech support team whom was an "expert" he told me that GFWL actually doesn't decide whether or not a save game file can be transferred--it's up to the game publisher. E.g. he said save game transfers work in Gears of War, although they don't in Batman AA.

I'm contacting Eidos about this. I'd HIGHLY suggest as many people as possible do the same. Do we really want to be purchasing games that are nothing more than a huge pain in the butt to deal with? I mean, we already have activation limits, DRM, and all kinds of annoying hoops to jump through. Not being able to transfer save game data is just like the straw the broke the camels back for me.