View Full Version : deveint class suggestions

3rd Mar 2014, 21:16
Watching the developers vids of the class, I noticed his illusions look like they just spawn out of him and follow him kinda like illusions in dota2. I was thinken it would be more funner if you could drop them down in locations kinda like warframe (loki class). Think that would be more appealing to the players. Throw one up on the roof while humans shooten at it, you jump down shapeshift then walk in un noticed that seems more funner. Might take time for people to adjust but its taticle. Trapping people. Instead of usen it as a escape mechanism or a straight bull rush. Or about doing different key strokes for the 2. 1 press of the key allows u to plant a illusion or 2 quick taps will spawn multiples that follow you. Just a suggestion