View Full Version : digital/analog message(on a Samsung Syncmaster 930bf)

22nd Dec 2009, 18:41
Hi and thanks first of all for your time!
The reason i am started this thread is to help me with a problem.
I 've installed Batman Arkham Asylum on my pc.When i tried to start the game the screen goes black and
on the left up corner the digital/analog message flashes for about 10 secs(the monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster 930bf).Then the screen
goes black and i have to restart the pc.One or two times the game started succefully but afterwhile
it does the same thing!Please i need you help to tell me if the problem is with the monitor or my graphics card.
My pc:
Samsung Syncmaster 930BF(with the DVI cable that was in the package)
Pentium4 ht 3,4G
Ati Radeon 2600 PRO

Thanks for your time .