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22nd Dec 2009, 02:26
Here we go straight into the story.

When we left off Batman was hit with a bat from behind.

Riddler- Wake up, Hey! Bats wake up.

Batman- Urghh, ahhh, uergh.

Riddler- Nice of you to join us Batman, now let's finish are little game.

Batman- Rddler you and Joker won't get away this time, after this i'm taking you both down.

Riddler- Now bats you and i both know the only way to take us down, is to break your one rule, and until you do this will go on until we all die. *Smirks*

Joker- Riddler, kills the Bat, and get up here to finish up.

Riddler- Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Two more minutes. Finish him off, and this time i mean it.

Batman looks around the environment to see what he can use to his advantage, him vs 8 thugs. Batman throws a bata-rang onto the pipes and gas comes out, blinding the thugs ability to see him, while Batman cuts the ropes with his new gadget. Batman takes them all out.

Batman- I'm on my own here, Oracle has been cut out, thanks to the Riddler. Guess i have to move on cautiously. What's that... Batman must get near the vents to travel to hear the conversation.


Riddler- Joker whens your friend getting here.

Joker- Patience, Riddler we have time.

Riddler- Are you forgetting this isn't just a normal man, this is Batman.

Joker- Do i sense fear?

Riddler- Whatever just send him out.

Joker- It's not time yet, he'll come out when the time is ready. Just go back to your station.

Riddler- Hope for your sake he doesn't turn on you. Joker guess this riddle.

Joker- Do i have to.

Riddler- If the sun goes down, then the moon shines 'The .

Joker- Stubs me, now go finish riddler.


Batman approaches 6 thugs, one with a communicater. Your objective is to steal it and get a signal so you can talk to Oracle.

Batman gets the device, and hacks it with his Batman code thing.

Batman- Oracle, Oracle.

Oracle- I'm here Batman,

Batman- Any news on where i am.

Oracle- Batman i found out where Joker's right hand man is hiding, on top of the Ice Berg club tower, heavily guarded.

Batman- And that means i'll have to rufle the birds feathers to get to the Riddler.

Oracle- Exactly, good luck. Oh! and Batman make sure my dad stays safe.

You approach the Iceberg club, two guards with heavy fire watching it.

Batman throws the double- bata-rang to take them out. The front door is locked, Batman will have to find another way. The side door is rigged with Bat gel exploisives.

Oracle- Batman Riddler's on the 6th floor.

Batman- But there's big trouble on the 4th floor, be careful.

Batman arrives on the 4th floor.

Gotham's Bank manager- What do you wan't with me, please let me go.

Thug Com.- Your gonna fund this club or my Boss is going to kill you simple as that.

Penguin- Man, is this place heaven. The only thin i need is funding for my little club. And if you don't provide, your going to be bird food for my pets.

Batman- Penguin it's over let him down.

Penguin- Well, i'll be damned, The Batman you don't seem to be on the party list, Boys escort our little party pooper out.

Thug Com- No prob boss.

Batman beats the thugs senseless, Penguin evades batman by running to the upper floors, until finally face to face Penguin stops on the floor before Riddler.

Penguin- My orders are simply, keep you from reaching to top floor.

Batman- The Penguin following orders seems odd.

Penguin- Damn! you Batman, i'm only in it for the money.

Batman- Penguin your going back to prison, were you belong.

The fight begins with basic Melee. Then Penguin ascends to higher ground, were you duck his swings from the cane. Then you throw bata-rangs at Penguins birds while they attack you from the air. Then the icon appears above Penguins heads, and Batman performs a kick to the gut, and punch to the face, and snaps Penguins wrist to the pole next to him.

Joker- Ruff fight right Bats. But this time it'll be more of those coming to you.

Batman- Joker your next.

Batman proceeds up to the 6th floor only to find an empty room with a big box in the middle of the floor.

Batman- He's gone Oracle.

Oracle- I've lost his signal. But i'll keep on it.

Batman- Oracle keep close.

Harley- Mr. J, Penguin's been put out of the plan.

Joker- Well, of course he has Penguin never did learn how to follow rules. Harley we still have our special guest coming, and a secret the Bat is uaware of. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WOOOOOAH I LOVE BEING ME!!!!!!

Tune in next time to follow up on the story, please leave feedback.

Batman The Trailer Hunter
22nd Dec 2009, 16:57
o.O coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

22nd Dec 2009, 18:04

23rd Dec 2009, 11:30
Nice story

23rd Dec 2009, 13:05
Another good part.You've got Oracle down to a tee:)

Although i think you need to work on how Batman reacts speech wise.
Its not noticible in this at all but the first one made Batman sound a tad,How can i put this? a tad cheesy?

Having said that,Please make more!

23rd Dec 2009, 16:31
Another good part.You've got Oracle down to a tee:)

Although i think you need to work on how Batman reacts speech wise.
Its not noticible in this at all but the first one made Batman sound a tad,How can i put this? a tad cheesy?

Having said that,Please make more!

Thanks. Batman i'll try to focus on his speech just a little bit more.

23rd Dec 2009, 18:10
Nice. Any previews on the next one? "/

Jokers right hand man
23rd Dec 2009, 21:41
lol. im in the story.

23rd Dec 2009, 23:05
Nice. Any previews on the next one? "/

Can give away anything, but stay tune.