View Full Version : Constant Crashes : Arkham Asylum

21st Dec 2009, 17:00
Hello forum,

I just registered here and will start by talking about the problem I'm having. I just bought BAA and installed it. After the whole GFWL stuff and the update I finally get to play it only for it to crash every 5 minutes!!!

The demo worked fine for me! Fluent, with all the bells and whistles on apart from the physics and bloom.

Now it just stops and stutters after 5 minutes and I get this huge error message and it crashes. As usual, the message tells me nothing but I can't keep playing the game like this.

Someone must have had this problem before? It can't be my system as the demo worked fine.

Thanks you in advance!

22nd Dec 2009, 22:37
I read up on this and found out that it had something to do with the two cores. So I uninstalled the programme that governs this. Problem is now that it's become unplayable. It seems like I'm playing multiplayer with 1000+ ping.