View Full Version : Bmlauncher not working on steam full version

21st Dec 2009, 09:51
I can launch the game using BmStartApp.exe as this skips the launcher screen, and windows live and everything works just fine, but this would mean i cant ever launch the game from steam, and i would rather i could. Everytime i try, it just says bmlauncher has stopped working, and it wont load.

Ive read this has something to do with my .net framework 3.5 sp1. This seems true as the same thing happens if just try to launch the standalone games for windows live client, just stops working at the splash.

Heres what ive tried:
Reinstalling the game, windows live, and the .net framework, including going through my windows updates to delete updates to the .net framework. This did not work

Used the UserEngine, etc files provided in another thread for this issue regarding the demo, this also did not work.

I checked the games cache using steam, and it actually found 2 missing files it reinstated, this also unfortunately did nothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions other then a fresh install of my system?