View Full Version : HitmanBloodMoney.exe problems

21st Dec 2009, 02:22

I decided to use a no cd crack with my (legit) copy of blood money, for practicality's sake (I'm on a laptop with only one disk drive, which is almost always in use). The game had worked fine beforehand. However upon getting to the "You better watch out" level, I noticed the bug which doesn't let you drop anything. So I replaced the exe file with the original, inserted the disk and tried again. The initial red loading bar got half way, stopped, then the game crashed.

I tried reinstalling, patching etc, and nothing has helped. I'm reluctant to use the nocd crack for now, because of the bug. I've searched for a solution, but found none.

Windows 7 gave me an error message after a few seconds, saying that another program caused the game to not run correctly. Tried closing everything, still the same message.

If anyone has had this problem before, or knows a solution, please tell me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)