View Full Version : Weird error(s) now that I've beaten the game

21st Dec 2009, 00:25
I beat the game a couple months ago, and I'm just now getting around to trying to go thru and complete all the riddler challenges. I'm having a couple weird errors though.

First, there are still a few crazies roaming the yards and buildings, and I can't take them down. I can hit them, they go on the ground with the little circles around their head that tell you can put 'em down, but no matter what kind of final takedown I try to do batman just stands there like an idiot. At first I thought this might be because of some sort of "The game's over and batman doesn't want to hurt anyone else" kind of thing, but one of the crazies is EXACTLY where a riddle I need to finish up is, and he just attacks me so I can't complete it. Without being able to put him down I can't do anything, and if I try to run away he just chases me to the door so I can't get out, and I have little choice but to let him kill me so I can at least get out of the building to complete other stuff.

The second thing MIGHT be intentional, I'm not sure, but in the penitentiary all the green riddler question marks that bounce around to say "there's something in this general area" are gone, but I'm only half way done with that building, and I have a general mix of stuff left to get.

I tried searching these forums for something similar but there's too much chaff to sort thru for the search terms I tried. I read thru about 3 dozen threads that have nothing to do with these problems. I might of missed something though, and if so sorry for not searching hard enough :-(