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20th Dec 2009, 03:00
Hi, I've been hard at work for a story in anticipation of K&L2 and I figured I should post it here to share with members of this board. Consider it my version of what would happen in the game.

Chapter 1: Things Never Work Out Like They Should

The sun drifts above a flurry of rain clouds as a previous storm begins to wain early in the afternoon, the bright light of the sun shining upon the street as the employees of the 1st National Bank of Dallas go about their business. Tellers take deposits while armed guards oversee the transfer of millions of dollars from an armored car into the bank vault. Outside four men dressed in suits sit in the back of a van with a cache of guns resting at their feet. One of them, an older looking man in his late 30s picks up a SIG 552 Commando and slides a clip into the rifle. He has a thinning crop of gray hair and a mangy beard.

"You guys know what you're doing?" asks the man as he slips a black balaclava over his head.

Another person in the group, a eager young man in a gray button-up shirt and matching jacket with a shaved head and a goatee nods, "Hell yeah, let's do this."

The two other men, the getaway driver and guy in his 40s in a black suit with curly hair and a beard nod as well, "We're ready." says the bearded man as the door of the van slides open and the group exits with their guns hidden in duffel bags.

The trio waltzes into the bank with tensions running high as the leader, the man in the balaclava spies the staircase that leads to the vault in the back of the bank. The man in the balaclava drops his duffel bag to the ground and whips out his 552 while the others follow suit brandishing their own weapons, "Everybody on the ground now!" he shouts as fire a burst from his rifle into the ceiling. The employees and customers drop to the floor in rapid succession as the bearded man takes up a position at the door with an AK47. The guy with the shaved head follows the balaclava'd man past the teller's cage and towards the staircase.

"You ever do this sorta thing before?" asks the youngster.



"Listen kid, now's not the time for talking. Keep your mind on the job." replies the leader.

The two men hustle down the stairs as two security guards nervously wait at the bottom with their pistols drawn. The kid is the first downstairs and a single 9mm bullet whizzes past his head and slams into the wall behind him as he ducks for cover. The other robber raises his rifle and fires a quick burst from the weapon plunging several bullets into the guards.

"You okay?" he asks as the kid stands up.

"I'm fine."

"Put the money in the bag and come upstairs when you're down, I gotta go help Crosley with crowd control."

As the man lifts up his head wear to breath for a second, a loud flurry of gunshots interrupts the calmness of the situation and the constant blaring of sirens soon follows.

"Kane! Get the **** up here!" screams the bearded man, Crosley, as he fires his rifle at the arriving police officers who line up outside the bank.

The man throws away his balaclava and sprints upstairs, "I'm coming!"

The getaway driver throws the van into gear and begins to pull away but a single shotgun blast from a cop's Remington 870 seperates the top half of his skull from the rest of his body and the vehicle rolls to a stop with blood splattered all over the interior.

"****! Our driver's dead Kane!" shouts Crosley.

Kane rushes up the bank entrance and joins Crosley in firing at the police, the bullets fly in all directions as people scurry for cover in between salvos with the screams of innocent bystanders being drowned out by the ear-shattering noise of the battle.During the heat of the battle, the kid comes rushing upstairs with a HK416 draped over one shoulder and a dufflebag packed with cash over the other. He drops the bag and begins blasting away with his rifle as Kane and Crosley pull back from the entrance with the intensifying of the police gunfire as a SWAT team arrives on scene.

"How are we getting out of here!?" screams the kid above the sound of his rifle spewing bullets at the police.

Kane reloads his rifle and continues firing, "There may be an exit out back! Get behind the tellers' cages with the bag! We'll cover you!"

With this instruction the kid grabs hold of the bag and sprints towards the cages. Before he can make it, a bullet from a policeman's pistol slams into his back and sends him sprawling to the floor. Kane rushes over to the young man as he writhes in pain while firing his 552 with one hand. He begins dragging the kid to cover behind a pillar but a bullet skims his neck and Kane trops to the ground with a brief spurt of blood. Grabbing hold of the wound with his left hand he fires his weapon blindly around the pillar while screaming for the kid to crawl to him.

"Kid! Get the **** over here and keep your goddamn head down!" he shouts as he blood spews from his neck and seeps through his fingers.

While tightly clutching the duffelbag with both hands, the kid does an army crawl towards Kane with bullets flying over him and blood from the wound in his back soaking the shirt beneath his suit jacket. When he is close enough, Kane grabs the kid by his shirt collar and pulls him towards the pillar. As he is doing this, an assault rifle round plunges deep into the kid's skull sending bits of skull slamming into Kane's face and an explosion of blood into his eyes. Kane lets go of the dead man and retreats back into cover as he wipes the blood from his eyes. He breathes heavily and glances over at Crosley who is still firing at the police from his cover spot. Kane swallows hard and grits his teeth. He pokes his head out of cover and returns fire at the cops.

"Get that ******* bag off him!" shouts Kane.

Crosley dashes over to the dead body of the kid and tries to pry the bag from beneath the corpse but he is quickly cut down by the police with a flurry of gunshots to the chest.

Kane growls angrily as he makes his own play for the bag but is quickly discouraged as a bullet hits him in the shoulder. Enraged and in immense pain, he throws his rifle away and takes off behind the tellers' cages and down the stairs with police bullets nipping at his heels. He sprints past the vault down a vacant hallway and into an alley way beside the bank. He pulls out a .50 caliber Desert Eagle hand gun and sprints off away from the bank towards the street behind it. As he comes out of the alley he is met with several armed police officers and their pistols. He dives behind a car as the cops open fire on him. He pops up from behind the car and fires four shots from the powerful handgun and drops two of the cops. He takes off down the sidewalk as the cops dart after him screaming for him to give up. He crosses the street as a startled civilian driver slams on the brakes of his car to avoid hitting him.

"Get out of the way!" shouts Kane as he wheels around and empties the remaining bullets from his pistol at the police. The devastating force of the weapon nearly sending him stumbling to the ground. He hops a railing leading to a paved walkway between two buildings and takes off down it. At the end of the walkway is a large soccer field with a playground situated beside it. Kane turns around and sees that the police are no longer pursuing him. He takes off his suit jacket to examine the wound in his shoulder. He tears off a piece of his jacket and ties it around the wound. He stares off into the distance and begins to reflect on what just happened.

He throws his gun to the ground and screams in frustration, "****! God******* dammit! SON OF A *****!"

He walks away from the field panting heavily. He spots a parked car and quickly picks the lock and steals the vehicle. As he pulls up to a stoplight he runs both hands through his hair and sighs deeply.

"This wasn't supposed to happen." he says to himself in a depressing tone, "It wasn't supposed to go down like this."

20th Dec 2009, 03:49
Cool story comrade , but Kane would never talk that much , even less talking to himself in a 'depressing tone' ...

And what the **** happened to the hostages ? i never seen police officers exercising such zero tolerance violence (especially the cop who blew the driver's head off , what the hell) ...

One of Seven
20th Dec 2009, 04:54
Agreed, cool fan story. I want a K&L comic series now, and lunch boxes.

20th Dec 2009, 18:36
I want lunchbox mines

20th Dec 2009, 18:40
And while we're at it i want Lincoln's rifle ...

20th Dec 2009, 21:04
I was bored, and in dire need of something new to write about. Written in about a half hour.
Room Clearing: a scenario

“What’s in the bag?”


“Kane, are you listening to me? I hate it when you don’t listen to me. What’s in the-”

“Would you just shut the **** up for a second?” Kane turns his flashlight back to the breaker box.

Lynch, a stocky man with a goatee and long hair clinging to the back of his bald head, shuffles impatiently in the darkness of the basement, throwing the light of his flashlight at rats and spiders, chasing them back into their respective corners.

“Okay ... that should be it.”

“That should be what?” Lynch perceives a sudden and rather arresting silence that has come over the room, “I don’t like being left in the dark here, Kane. What are we doing here?” Kane kneels down to the bag beside him, not even aware of how ancy his friend is becoming, “Kane, what’s in that bag?”

Kane’s flashlight illuminates his partner’s craggy countenance, and the light glares off the thick shades perched on his broad nose—the singularity of the man’s choice to wear the sunglasses indoors in the darkness barely even affects the jaded criminal. He responds to the question, “Shotguns.”

The gloved hands of one Adam ‘Kane’ Marcus reach down to the duffel-bag resting on the cool concrete beside him and pull the bag’s zipper open, revealing a set of two SPAS 12 automatic shotguns with accompanying ammo boxes and belt straps--among other equipment. Without further explanation, Kane reaches down into the bag and begins strapping one of the belts across his white short sleeved dress shirt.

Lynch’s torch is trained on Kane as the bearer of the light looks on with a dumb look on his face. “You look like ****, y’know that?”

A shotgun comes hurling toward Lynch and he fumbles with it, trying to catch the hardware without dropping his flashlight; he fails, and his flashlight breaks on the hard cement.

“You’re a ****in’ idiot, y’know that?” Kane tosses a belt of ammo at Lynch, which he, again, struggles to catch. Kane then begins attaching a thick silver cylinder to the end of his weapon—a silencer.

“Do I get one of those?” almost instantly a silencer comes hurling through the dark toward Lynch. He begins attaching it to his own weapon. After a few moments, specifically after Lynch has checked and found that his weapon is already loaded, “You still haven’t explained to me what we’re supposed to be doing here.”

“You know all you need to-”

“Yeah, but it’d help if I knew what the hell our objective was,” Lynch says, still trying to situate all the equipment he's holding.

Kane pauses what he was doing indignantly, “There’s a man on the seventh floor of this building that some other men would like to have a meeting with. We’re relieving the physical road blocks between that group of men and their meeting with our friend upstairs.”

“So, room clearing.”

Kane nods, “Now, come on,” he says as he walks toward the stairs up and out of the basement, past his partner who is trying his best to juggle quickly getting the ammo-belt over his shoulder without dropping his weapon, “There’re some seriously pissed-off and confused chinamen upstairs that need to be informed of our intentions.”

If you want me to finish it--take it into the actual action, I will.

21st Dec 2009, 01:20
Please , do continue ...

One of Seven
21st Dec 2009, 02:47
You should, now I feel a story coming on!


Kane put his cell phone away, he was pissed, he wanted to know who set them up and why. Kane removed his mask revealing his face to the rest of his crew, knowing his identity would be known, it didn't matter now. The youngest member of the 8 to now 3 man crew, called himself Frankie. Frankie felt a cold sensation run up the back of his neck, he had heard stories of a one-eyed man, and they weren't exactly heroic or even likeable for that matter.

"Look we need to get down three blocks, just three, I just reached some contacts who would be very happy to listen to what I have to say, we just need to give them what score we have left." Said Kane.

Frankie hesitantly spoke, "Bull****! We, earned this!, what's the deal you made anyway?!"

"Even if we split the score we're not going to have **** worth taking back, my biggest concern is who set us up and why, and the only deal I've made is one that guarantees our safety and a chance to speak with them." Responded Kane.

The oldest member of the crew, who called himself "Hugo", finally spoke up.

"Sounds like we don't have any other choice does it?" Said Hugo.

"No it doesn't, let's move." Kane commanded.

Frankie asked, "Wh.... What about the hostage?!"

Kane frustratingly responded, "Leave em', now let's go!"

All three of them were in place, ready to do anything in order to survive, Hugo was ready to open the warehouse door. Kane with his weapon aimed steadily, commanded "Go." Hugo swung the door open, and Kane opened fire on police officers sitting behind their cars for cover.

"Go down the the alley!" Kane ordered.

Kane covered Frankie and Hugo as they made their way down the alley. Kane started to move and simultaneously fire back at the officers. Kane saw Hugo and Frankie firing at law enforcement further down the alley way. Kane finally reaching the two began to help them suppress the officers, "Move down the street!" Said Kane. Hugo and Frankie bolted as fast as they could down the street, moving in between cars and crowds of people.

Kane finished off the men trying to stop him, he reloaded his rifle and began his sprint.

"HUGO HELP!" Screamed Frankie.

Hugo looked back to see Frankie, somehow, wrestling a police officer to the ground. Hugo ran back over to Frankie, and did the only thing he could do. Pulling Frankie off of the officer and shoving him to physically tell him to keep moving, Hugo aimed his 1911 at the officer and fired three rounds into his chest. Hugo looked to his left and saw Kane speed by, Hugo stopped stalling and began running. The trio came to the end of the first block.

"Two more, go left, go left!" Kane hollered as they kept running.

Now at an intersection the three men started down a another street.

"Stay on the sidewalk!" Commanded Kane.

Kane should have felt like a bastard for using civillians as cover, but he didn't. He had no intention of hurting them, sure if some dogooding citizen were to step up to the plate he would take them down, but he wanted the risk to go to the officer who could either shoot him and his crew down, or two parents and their child. Kane's plan didn't work out however as he heard shots being fired. Kane looked across the street where a frantic mob of people were running every which way that they could. Once the mob cleared Kane spotted Hugo holding Frankie on his knee firing at two policemen taking cover behind chairs and tables in front of a restaurant.

"Ah ****!" Kane said angered.

Kane opened fire on the two officers, managing to kill one, the other fell to the ground injured. Kane sprinted over to Hugo and kneeled down by him.

"This is bad Kane, real bad..." dimly said Hugo.

"There's nothing we can do, grab his bag and let's go, one of the ****s is still alive." Kane said in a hurry.

Hugo took Frankies bag and marched over to the front of the restaurant.

"Hugo we don't have time for this!" Kane shouted.

Hugo looked over the turned tables to see one dead cop and another lying wounded. Hugo wasn't sure which one killed Frankie nor did he really care. To him both were just as guilty, and why leave a witness. Hugo only fired once and it was done. Kane grabbed Hugo by his shoulder.

"We need to go right ****g now, don't make me leave you behind!" Said Kane.

Kane and Hugo began to run, the third block was in sight and Kane saw the pickup point. It was behind a towering office building that had the logo "Vault " above it. Kane and Hugo could hear police sirens getting closer, though tired they picked up the pace. Finally reaching the office building they made their way around back, and there it was, a van painted jet black with tinted windows, the back doors opened and men in balaclavas and body armor sat staring at the two.

"Follow my lead." Said Kane.

Hugo nodded and followed Kane into the van. Hugo sat hunched over with his head down.

"Are we good?" Asked Kane.

"Yes, very good." Said the man.

The van doors closed and the light under Hugo's feet disappeared.

To be continued!

21st Dec 2009, 10:40
FRANKIE ! ... How dare you kill Frankie ! NOOOOOOOOO ! ...

By the way , i like the fact that the 'adrenaline' never makes a appearance ...

One of Seven
21st Dec 2009, 12:00
FRANKIE ! ... How dare you kill Frankie ! NOOOOOOOOO ! ...

By the way , i like the fact that the 'adrenaline' never makes a appearance ...

No forget "Adrenaline" he's dead. *Whispers* And Frankies real name is....... Wolly Heart.............:scratch:

22nd Dec 2009, 18:01
Part 2
Apparently my classes have been canceled today, so here I am.
Room Clearing: a scenario

Kane appears from the basement staircase and peaks his head out into the alleyway. He checks both ends then hurries up the stairs with his shotgun primed and ready for whatever may be waiting. Lynch follows close behind with his weapon resting on his shoulder.

“Watch my back.”

Lynch stands, seemingly unconcerned, eyes swaying from street to street on either end of the short alley, while his partner picks the lock on the gated door.

“So how’d you get in touch with these people?”

Kane responds, still at work on the gate’s lock, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Do you know anything about them?”

“Lynch, they approached me,” he gets the gate open and moves to the wooden door itself, “I couldn’t care less who they are ... or who they belong to as long,” he readjusts his crouching position to a knee. “as long as they pay me.” The sentence ends in a long exhale as he tries to steady his hands.

Lynch’s shotgun drops to his side, “So you don’t know anything about these people. For all you know they could **** us as soon as we’re done in there! Kane, you’re losing it-”

“We’re in.”

The two men instantly become deadly silent, and the nonchalance that had characterized Lynch before has been evacuated. Both sets of eyes are trained on the door. And it opens. A narrow hall lies before them that diverts to the left a few feet down; the dim light coming in from the single streetlight looming above the moist streets just barely touches the back wall, and the dumbfounded man in the Hawaiian shirt at the end of it.

Kane fires his weapon without hesitation.

The sound is a guttural *thunk* that shakes your chest, but does not sound anything like a gunshot—more like a book thrown against a wall. The man slams into the wall behind him and slides down with blood escaping through the tiny holes in his neck and chest. They step over the convulsing man who limply grabs at their legs as they proceed further.

They enter the main hall of the first floor, which stretches across the width of the building and is intersected perpendicularly in the center by another hall. Everything is shrouded in perfect darkness, interrupted only in the various tenements that have views out onto the glowing nighttime streets of Shanghai, but all is not silent. Both Kane and Lynch, despite Kane’s hard of hearing, detect the shuffling feet and snippets of conversation permeating the otherwise silent building. They’re confused, just as they should be.

Kane and Lynch walk quickly and silently down the narrow hall, half crouched until they come to the first two doors. The one on the left is hanging open, its neighbor is still shut—movement and voices can be heard from both. Without a spoken word, Kane comes around the corner of the left door into the room, and Lynch shoots the lock off the other and comes through that door.

Kane trains his flashlight and his aim on two men searching through the drawers of their kitchen; Lynch finds a man, startled, and bent over in front of his TV looking back at him. Kane fires—the two men fall into the counter, then drop to the tile floor in strange and unnaturally contorted positions; Lynch fires—the man falls over his TV and lands on his head.

Kane walks into the kitchen, stepping over one of the men’s bodies and picks a flashlight off the top of the refrigerator, handing it to Lynch when they both meet in the center of the hallway.

From then on, the men’s pace is blinding, hurrying down the hall side by side, clearing each neighboring tenement simultaneously, then moving on to the next almost as quickly as they entered. There’s a cascade of the weird violent thunks and splintering wood as the two scraggily criminals clear the first floor room by room. They leave bodies sprawled across the raw wood floors and blood splattered on the peeling wallpaper in their wake.

The strangeness and frequency of the sounds—the scarcely audible death rattles—eventually alert the remaining gangsters in the building that something malevolent is making its way up toward them. On the second floor, all weapons are trained on the stairwell doors on either end of the West-East running hallway. A mass of partially clothed men, jittery with anxiety, stand in the darkness, peaking out from their respective tenements with pistols and automatic weapons pointing in the directions of those doors, waiting for their aggressors to come walking into their sights.

Suddenly the apartment lift dings, and those men in view of it immediately swing their weapons to the lift and its gate sliding open, revealing an empty elevator. Suddenly there’s broken glass and one of the thunks the men had been hearing—it’s much clearer this time—and one of the fatter men falls forward into the hallway with his head partially removed.

No one knows where it came from, but somebody starts shooting and so everyone else begins firing as well. Very few men are actually shooting in a direction anywhere close to where Kane and Lynch actually are. In fact as they expend their weapons’ reserves into the stairwell doorways, their two enemies are circumventing them entirely, climbing up the building’s fire-escapes to the fourth floor.

The combination of the sudden outbreak of gunfire and the sight of two overweight Americans climbing through windows with large weapons in their hands captures the attention and fear of the many civilians walking the streets below. It looked like fireworks were exploding on the second floor; there were just lights bursting out of all the windows.

Police sirens are heard throughout the city only seconds after the shooting begins.

Again, if anyone’s still interested in reading more of this, let me know and I’ll continue.

22nd Dec 2009, 18:54
That was great , they got away ! ...

Ok not quite , but i like how despite using silencers they both end up attracting everyone's attention , clumsy bastards hehehe ...

More please ... (take your time , the forum's rather quiet anywya) ...

22nd Dec 2009, 19:56
This is some awesome stuff you got going here, I'm a fairly good writer myself and this is great.

24th Dec 2009, 19:03
I gotta get back to work on this. Been quite lazy the past few days

24th Dec 2009, 19:15
I gotta get back to work on this. Been quite lazy the past few days

Please do, you have some talent under your belt the demands developing.

25th Dec 2009, 23:14
Part 3
Canadian computers smell different.
Room Clearing: a scenario

On the fourth floor there’s a window open in one of the tenements with its yellow poka-dot curtains floating in the cool December breeze and the sound of screams and nearing sirens. The door opposite to it hangs open, leaving its contents exposed to the hallway and the tenement across from it. A flurry of rushed footsteps fills the hallways above the relative silence that has resumed after the conclusion of the shooting.

Soon, a congo-line of heavily armed gangsters runs down the hall and past the open tenement, unnoticing of the window and the cool air it is letting in. A bald head with long hair down hanging from its furthest reaches peaks out from a closet in the same room. “Wait,” a voice of unknown origin whispers, causing the head to retreat back into its place of hiding.

There’s the sound of a single set of feet, rushing along the narrow corridors toward the stairs down. The closet’s sliding door slowly shuts.

A small but muscular shirtless man with bleached and spiked hair comes flying past the open doorway, but almost as soon as he is out of view of it, he stops half-way down and comes cautiously back to the door with the open window in its view. His eyes are trained upon it, and the butt of the assault rifle in his hands rises to his shoulder; he enters.

His steps are slow and he checks every corner as he progresses toward the window. It is exceedingly clear from his unwavering glare and crisp movements that he is more experienced than the men downstairs. His hand leaves the end of his weapon as it slowly reaches for the handle of the sliding door. . . .


The slats in the closet door spit splinters out at the man, and his outstretched arm—his lower forearm—is severed in grizzly fashion. He falls to the wood floor screaming with his wounded arm in his hand—nearly the moment he has hit the floor, the familiar silver cylinder of a silenced shotgun thrusts into the room from outside the window and fires into the wounded man’s head, silencing him.

The closet door is thrown open and two men simultaneously enter the scene—the greasy bald man rushes from the closet and into opposite tenement to check it, while the other comes through the window, nearly falling over the dead body as he does. They know that someone had to have heard their victim’s scream.

Siren’s are loud outside and someone is yelling in Chinese over a loud speaker, as the two grimy murderers reload their weapons. They look at each other, acknowledging the reality of their situation—things are going to get messy. The men make their way down the hall, less interested in room clearing now, giving almost less than a glance into each room as they pass; their objective is directly in front of them—the room at the end of the hall.

Three shots, and the door starts its fall awkwardly forward on its own accord, having been blown from its hinges and lock. Kane kicks the door fully down and both men open fire on the overturned desk at the back of the room—the thick wood absorbs the peppering—a fat Chinese man in a suit comes up over the desk with a revolver magnum in his hand—he fires two of the most inaccurate shots ever fired before having his hand and the right side of his face mutilated by a volley of buck shot.

He’s still alive—his screams of agony assure the men of this.

A phone comes out of the pocket in Kane’s shirt as Lynch runs over to disarm their wounded target, “Hello?” responds a deep, authoritative voice speaking English through a thick Chinese accent.

“We got ‘im; we’re just waiting on you.”

“Meester, Kane. How do you expect my men to retrieve Mr. Wu when the entire Shanghai Police Department is neepping at your heels?”

“I don’t ******* care how you do it, but my end of the deal is done and I want my money.”

“You will be paid once you have extracted Mr. Wu from the premise and brought him to the Black Lotus Bar on-”

“Kane, what’s going on?” Lynch says from a kneeling position next to the wounded man, “What’s he saying, Kane?”

“No ******* way am I getting out of here without your-” people begin shouting from downstairs and muffled gunfire erupts, “Look we can get up to the roof; send a helicopter and you’ll get your man.”

There’s a long pause of silence on the other end of the phone, then a slowly rising laugh pierces Kane’s ear—there are no words, just laughter, “**** you, ass-hole!”

Kane throws the phone across the room in anger and rages over to the wounded man on the ground—he grabs him by the collar and yells, “What do you know about the Inagawa?” The man can hardly speak, and Lynch tries to tell Kane of this, but Kane is unrelenting, “What do you ******* know about the Inagawa?”

When Mr. Wu is unable to answer the enraged Kane a third time, Kane hoists the fat man up by the collar and hurls him through the window. The man’s decent ends in an open dumpster below the window; his head is crushed, having contacted with the edge of the steel container.

The chaos that was once muffled by the wood of two floors separating them has now risen in its volume; though, the frequency of the shouts and gunshots has decreased significantly. The fight is spilling over into the upper floors of the building, and the gangsters are losing.

Lynch looks out the window down at the dead body and the horrified teenage couple below, looking back up at him.

There’s a fire-escape down to the alley.

Kane approaches the window next to where Lynch is looking out at the alley, “Lynch,” Lynch turns to his partner, “We’re going to the Black Lotus Bar.”
So, what do you guys think of this part, and the scenario as a whole? Either way, I hopes you got some enjoyments out of it.

25th Dec 2009, 23:27
So ... how the hell is he going to be paid now ? ...

I feel sorry for Lynch , cleaning up Kane's mess ...

29th Dec 2009, 04:13
CHAPTER 2: "We're gonna be rich."

James Lynch awakens to the constant beeping of his alarm clock, the numbers on the device flash 8:45 AM. He turns off the clock and sits up on the side of his bed as a small bit of sunlight fights it's way through the shades and splashes into the room. He clears his throat and stands up, he glances back at the bed behind to see that it's empty. His girlfriend, Xiu, must have already left for work. He lumbers over to his bathroom and opens the medicine cabinet, in the rear corner of the cabinet next to the toothpaste and hair products sits a small bottle of pills. To think that his life was run by a small tablet that practically dictated his action always angered and annoyed him, but what else could he do? Neglect to take them and risk slaughtering an entire squadron of SWAT officers, no, he's been down that road before and it's one he doesn't want to travel it again. Reluctantly he fishes a single pill out of the bottle and plops it into his mouth. He forces it down with a small gulp of water from the sink and trudges over to his closet.

He takes out a pair of black pants and a mathcing double-breasted coat and he lays them out on the bed and starts getting dressed. When he is fully cloathed and finished with the quick cup of coffee he had brewed for himself, he grabs a Beretta 92 off of his nightstand and heads out the door.

Lynch, for the most part, has been able to find some sort of normality in his life after a short foray into working for the 7 and having to babysit a ruthless mercenary and killer. After those events he and Kane went their seperate ways. Kane went back to what he knows best and started pulling off jobs all over the United States with various different crews while Lynch washed up in Shanghai and started working as muscle for a local syndicate of gun traffickers from various locations in Europe. They weren't anything big time but they paid and the job was simple enough. All they did was peddle handguns and bulletproof vests to local street gangs so the cops never really nosed around and the only risk was that Lynch would have to pay a gang member a visit once or awhile if someone didn't pay.

Lynch walks alone on the crowded streets of the city towards the headquarters of this small band of crooks, a small massage parlor in a crowded shopping district of the city crammed with stalls selling everything from imported DVDs to fruit. He walks inside and is greeted by the manager of the massage parlor, an older Chinese woman dressed in a blue pant suit named Ling.

"Good morning Mr. Lynch." she says in broken english as he walks through the door."

"Err, hello Ms. Ling, is Glazer in?" replies Lynch."

"Yes." responds Ling, "He upstairs right now, in office."


Lynch ascends a staircase next to the entrance of the parlor that leads to a long hallway covered with a cheap rug and red wallpaper. At the very end of the hall lies an office used by Lynch's boss and the head of the crew, Paul Glazer, a British man who couldn't quite make it dealing guns over in Europe.

Lynch walks into the office to find his boss reading the morning newspaper. Paul Glazer is 35 years old and from Manchester, at age 4 his family moved him to America where he lost his accent. At age 19 he went back across the pond and started dealing guns with a friend he met at a horse racing track.He is 5'8 and weighs around 150 pounds. He has short curly hair and a boulbus nose with a thin goatee. To roll that all into one, he's like that kid everyone kicked the crap out of in highschool 20 years later.

Glazer looks up from his paper at Lynch, "Hey Lynch, how you doing?" he says in his nasally voice.

"I'm fine." says Lynch as he sits down in a chair in the corner of the room. The room is quite congested with a small filing cabinet beside the door, Glazer's Desk in the middle, the chairs in the other corner next to the door, and several boxes of unpacked items behind the desk.

"What's on the agenda today?" asks Lynch as he runs a hand through the long strip of brown hair that hangs from the back of his bald head.

Glazer smiles and sets the paper down, "We finally hit it big Lynchie, we're gonna be rich."


"You bet." smirks Glazer, "Got a call from some Triad guys last night. They have a mutual friend in some *****hole in Africa who's looking to score some guns."

"Why do the Triads give a f*** about what happens in Africa?" questions Lynch doubtingly.

"Who cares? All I know is that these chinamen have some friends in Africa that are looking to buy some hardware and the Triads came to us."

"Why did they come to us? The only thing we have to offer is handguns and vests."

"Not anymore, I talked to Frankie LaBravia last night and had him reel in some AK47s and RPD's from our associates in Beijing. Frankie's sitting on enough guns to start a f***ing war."

"How much money are we talking here?" inquires Lynch curiously.

"A lot."

'What's the number?"

"What these Triads are willing to pay comes out to 7 million, American. We could retire on that s*** Lynch."

"Sounds interesting, when is this going down?"

"Tonight. We're meeting them at a warehouse somewhere at midnight."

"Can we trust these guys?" asks Lynch."

Glazer nods, "I asked around, word is that they're on the up and up."

"What's my angle in all of this?"

"You're just gonna be my backup at the deal, same with Frankie, if things kick off, you're my backup." explains Glazer.

"OK, sounds like a decent plan." says Lynch.

"You can take the rest of the day off, do whatever want, just meet me back here at 10:00" instructs Glazer as Lynch stands up from his seat.

Lynch nods in understanding as he turns towards the door to leave, "I got it, I'll see you tonight."

29th Dec 2009, 04:40
Oh boy oh boy can't wait to see what'll happen next ! ...

I bet the deal will be a success but Lynch gets hit by a bus on the way home ...
That'll be depressing ...

29th Dec 2009, 05:13

He gets hit by a trolly!!!11!!!

29th Dec 2009, 22:38
CHAPTER 3: "This is bad, this is real f***ing bad."

Lynch stands outside of the massage parlor at midnight as the stall and shop owners start to close up for the day. He buttons up his coat to shield himself from the soft breeze coming in from the west as he awaits the arrival of Glazer and Frankie LaBravia.

Frankie "The Guido" LaBravia is, quite obviously, an Italian from New York. He used to be a made man in one of the city's Mafia families before he had a falling out with the boss over a money dispute and rolled over on him to the cops. Frankie got chased from New York by the crazed and bloodthirsty followers of his boss with their gunfire nipping at his heels the whole way out to Houston where he met Paul Glazer and they struck up a friendship. Long story short, Paul was planning on moving back into Europe and asked Frankie to come with him. LaBravia readily agreed knowing that the further away he was, the hardest it was for the Mob to find him. After Glazer moved out of Europe, Frankie bounced around Britain and Northern Ireland for a bit trying to make on his own but wound up rejoining Glazer in China. As opposed to Glazer being a complete and total F***up, Frankie just hasn't had that great of luck during his 38 years of existence.

Lynch takes his pistol out of his shoulder holster to ensure that it's loaded as two large trucks drive up the street and stop in front of the massage parlor. Frankie hops out of the passenger seat of the lead truck and approached Lynch. He is dressed in a gray suit with a white dress shirt, his brown hair combed back and parted to the left. Over the years Frankie has earned himself another nickname, Ray, due to him being a dead ringer for the famed actor, Ray Liotta.

"Hey Lynch." greets Frankie as they shake hands.

"Hi Frankie." replies Lynch boredly.

"Not very enthusiastic I see, can't blame ya', if I had a nickle for everytime Paul's gone bats*** over something that doesn't pan out, I'd be f***ing rich." says Frankie as he slides a cigarette into his mouth and lights it.

"When's Glazer supposed to get here?" asks Lynch

"I don't know, he said he'd meet us here. Probably stuck in traffic or something."

"He was supposed to be here, if he doesn't hurry the hell up, we'll be late." complains Lynch

"Calm down, he'll be here." assures Frankie as takes a drag from the cigarette.

Lynch shakes his head and mutters something beneath his breath. If anything angers him more than the fact that his life is controlled by pills, it's when people don't stick to the plan. Without planning, as Lynch theorizes, there's no difference between a ring of gun smugglers and a group of disorganized gangbangers robbing a grocery store. If you don't know what you're supposed to be doing or neglect to do what's asked of you, people are going to wind up dead.

As Frankie exhales a cloud of gray smoke into the night air, the headlights of a silver Honda Prelude splash over him, Lynch, and the trucks. The car stops beside the trucks and Glazer climbs out of the driver suit dressed in a white suit with a black shirt underneath.

"How ya' doin' guys?" he asks.

"Fine." replies Frankie as he turns toward one of the truck drivers, "Get 'em started, we're heading out in a minute."

"You ready Lynchie?" asks Glazer excitedly.

"Yeah, can we get going already? I don't wanna be late." responds Lynch.

Glazer nods and pats Lynch on the shoulder, "Yeah, don't worry about it. You're way too tense man, it'll be fine."

Frankie reaches under the passenger seat of one of the trucks and comes out with a fully loaded SPAS 12 shotgun and a Ruger MP9 submachine gun. Frankie tosses the shotgun to Lynch with a box of shells and keeps the machine gun for himself.

"Just in case." says Frankie with a grin.

"Of course." replies Lynch sarcastically as loads the shotgun.

"Lynch, you ride in the other truck. I'm gonna follow in my car." instructs Glazer as he walks back to his Honda.

Lynch climbs into the passenger seat of the second truck and says hello to the driver, a thin and stocky Russian man with pale skin called Ivan.

"You are Lynch?" asks Ivan in his thick accented English.

Lynch nods, "Yeah."

"Nice to meet you, I am Ivan."

"Pleasure." responds Lynch as the small convoy starts to move on down the street.

"The traffic here, it is insane!" exclaims Ivan as he follows the lead truck onto the congested streets of the city, "Back in Russia, it was never this bad. I could get to work in 30 minutes, now it takes 2 hours!"

"Could you please stop talking? I'm tired." asks Lynch as he sets his SPAS 12 down on the floor in front of him.

"Sure, my mouth is shut for rest of trip."


Glazer's car, which had been in front for the entire trip, pulls into a small warehouse down by the waterfront to find several suited men waiting for them. Behind the men were 4 large black SUVS. Glazer's car and the trucks roll to a stop in front of the men and their vehicles. Glazer exits his car and approaches the men, all of whom save for one is Chinese. The odd man out is a black man dressed in a green military uniform and a red beret.

"Hi, are you Mr. Zao?" asks Glazer as he shakes hands with one of the chinamen, a young man in his early 30s, clean shaven with neat black hair. He's clothed in a blue suit with matching shirt and black tie.

"Yes." replies Zao, "You are Mr. Glazer I presume."

Glazer nods, "That's me."

Frankie and Lynch exit the trucks with their weapons in hand as Zao's entourage of followers raise their weapons at them.

"Calm down." orders the Triad and his men lower their guns, "These are your associates?"

"Yeah." answers Glazer, "This is Frank LaBravia and this is James Lynch."

Zao turns towards both men and shakes their hands, "It's nice to make your acquintance."

"Likewise." responds Frankie with a smile.

The black man in the military uniform steps up beside Zao and introduces himself, "Hello gentlemen, my name is Karim Matunbo." he says in a deep and throaty tone.

"Mr. Matunbo," says Zao, "approached me and informed me that he was interested in purchasing some weapons. I asked around for him and your name came up several times Mr. Glazer."

"I'm sure most of what they said was bad." chuckles Frankie and the other men around him begin to laugh.

Zao, still snickering slightly from the joke, shakes his head, "No, actually most of it was quite positive. You and your men come highly reccomended Mr. Glazer."

"Good to know." says Glazer as he turns towards the two trucks and barks to the drivers, "Start unloading the stuff boys."

Zao turns to one of his underlings, "Get the money."

As two brief cases are placed down at the feet of Glazer, the loud blaring of a siren can be heard and Zao turns to Glazer, "What the f*** is going on!?"

Glazer shakes his head in confusion as the whirring of a helicopter is heard overhead, "I don't know!"

"You set us up!" screams Zao, "Men, kill them!"

"Get down!" shouts Lynch as he opens fire with his shotgun while shoving Glazer behind one of the trucks.

Zao's men open fire with rifles and machine guns as the Triad boss and Matunbo climb into one of the SUVs and make their escape. Lynch dives behind the truck next to Glazer with Frankie right behind him, both men blindly firing their weapons at the Chinese. Zao's goons, using their vehicles as cover, spew automatic gunfire at the trucks, cutting down both drivers who were both caught completely off-guard. Lynch pokes his head out from behind the truck and sends 4 shotgun shells towards the gangsters as Frankie and Glazer try to devise an escape plan.

"We have to get to Paul's car!" shouts Frankie above the gunfire.

"We have to get the money!" screams Glazer hysterically

"F*** the money Paul! We have to get out of here!" responds Frankie as he fires a few bursts from his MP9 at their attackers.

"We can't leave without the cash!" protests Glazer.

"Glazer." barks Lynch, "We're leaving the money and we're getting the f*** out of here, deal with it!"

Frankie reloads his gun and sends another bursts towards the chinamen, "Lynch, cover me! I'm going for the car!"

Under covering fire from Lynch's SPAS 12, Frankie makes a mad dash for Glazer's Honda just as the Shanghai police make their entrance with heavily armed officers sporting UMP .45s spewing lead at both sides, Glazer's and Zao's. Lynch spins around and fires at the cops sending them diving to the floor and scurrying for what little cover they can find. Using the distraction, Frankie is able to get the car started.

"Guys, get in the car!" he screams as Glazer sprints for the vehicle and climbs into the passenger seat.

Lynch's shotgun runs dry and he throws it to the ground. He pulls out his Beretta and dashes towards the car covering his head with one hand and firing his pistol with the other. As he nears the car, with no time to stop and open the door, he shoots out the rear window and dives into the back seat of the car. Frankie spins the car around and heads for the exit of the warehouse with bullets pinging off the rear of the vehicle as he does. The Honda smashes through the two-car police barricade set up at the end of the warehouse and turns onto the adjacent street with the police too occupied by Zao's men to give pursuit.

"F***! F***! F***! What are we gonna do now!? Zao wants us dead, we don't have the money, and the cops are gonna be all over us!" exclaims a panicked Glazer.

"Just shut up!" orders Lynch calmly, "We can make it out of this. We just have to calm the f*** down and put our heads together."

"What do we now?" asks Glazer as he pants heavily.

"We're gonna ditch the car, head back to your office, and cool our heels for a while. We'll think about Zao later."

Glazer shakes his head and runs both hands through his hair, "This is bad, this is real f***ing bad."

29th Dec 2009, 23:42
And then , after buying a couple of bottles from the liquor style , Lynch gets rolled all over the floor by an oncoming trolley ! ...

PS : nice job of bringing the first black character of the franchise to life ...

Edit : i wrote liquor style instead of liquor store ...
This is really embarrassing ...

30th Dec 2009, 00:35
LOL thanks, glad to know you liked it

One of Seven
30th Dec 2009, 21:03
Part 2 continuing from my bit.

"Very good"

The two sat in a dimly red lit room. Hugo didn't like feeling trapped, especially after just being played and gunning down law enforcement. Kane pulled a pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket, Hugo didn't like seeing Kane feel at home. Smoke filled the air and suddenly three dark figures entered the room.

"Akira Takeshi." Said Kane.

"It's becoming a hassle bailing your ass out of trouble Kane, it's bad for business. Now what are you here for?" Asked Takeshi.

"I'm here because we were set up, the bank job in downtown was f****d." Stated Kane.

"I'm listening."

Kane then began to tell Takeshi what went down at the bank.

"We went into the bank with eight men. Me, Hugo and a kid called Frankie were meant to go downstairs, open the vault and grab the rest of the score while the other five were on guard duty. Once we had gotten into the vault, we heard gunfire and screams on the upper levels. After we got the cash, we made our way back upstairs and found two members of our crew on the floor dead, their bags were missing and the other three had disappeared."

Kane stopped talking to light another cigarette, Hugo once again felt uneasy. Kane continued.

"Then out of nowhere we heard f****g sirens, right then and there I knew we were supposed to take the heat. Not only were two members of our crew dead, but there were about eight to ten people lying on the ground either dead or wounded. We were set up, that's why two of our crew members were dead, that's why civillians were executed, that's why the police had such a fast response time, that's why the getaway van was missing once we got out of the bank, that's why the other three were missing, and that's why you need to help me find the f****s who did this!"

Takeshi grinned, whether it was out of amusement or cooperation was uncertain.

"What's in it for me and my friends if we help you Kane?" Asked Takeshi.

"Dammit Takeshi, we've given you what we had left! What f****g more do you want?!" Kane said furiously.

"Enough! We've had enough of you and your f**** ups! You've been nothing but trouble!" Responded Takeshi.

"Well then just help me find at least one of these bastards and you'll never see my face again." Said Kane.

One of the dark figures leaned down and whispered something in Japanese to Takeshi. Takeshi nodded his head and the figure pulled back into the darkness.

"Alright Kane, but after this we are through, you understand?"

"Understood." Answered Kane.

"Did you catch any of their names or aliases? Any tattoos?" Asked Takeshi.

"I only caught two names, one called himself Wolf and the other called himself asasno or some s***." Stated Kane.

"We'll see what we can find, you'll recieve a call within the next three days, be ready. Now get the f**** out of my sight." Demanded Takeshi.

Two armed men entered the room and escorted Kane and Hugo to a parking garage. A black van was waiting for them, the back doors flew open and a man with a mask and an M4 gestured for them to get in. Kane and Hugo sat down in the back of the van, and watched the light disappear. What seemed to be almost a twenty minute drive was finally over, the van doors opened and the two exited the van. Hugo turned back to look at the speeding vehicle, he then turned to Kane.

"So what now?" Asked Hugo.

"Stay and help or leave, it doesn't matter to me." Stated Kane.

Kane started to remember a similar situation.

"I'll help, but only these three, we're not dragging any other people into this s****!" Exclaimed Hugo.

"Don't worry about it, let's go find a place to hang low." Said Kane.

Kane and Hugo looked around to see nothing but sand and weeds, off in the distance however a small town was barely visible. The two marched. After a long walk the duo found themselves in a small town called Ely. Kane and Hugo found a hotel and stayed in seperate rooms, two days passed and Kane's cell phone was ringing.

"What do you have?" Kane asked.

"The man who calls himself Wolf is actually called Jushua Collins. Grew up in a place called Morristown Tennessee. He was in prison for five years after being found guilty of grand theft auto." Said the Voice.

"Anything else on him, what does he look like?" Asked Kane.

"He's caucasian, has light brown hair, hazel eyes, is about 5'8, weighs 185, and has a scar running down his right forearm." Responded the Voice.

"Good, what about the other one?" Asked Kane.

"He calls himself "Asesino", it means killer in Spanish. Not much is known about this one, couldn't find anything on him, he's practically a ghost." Said the Voice.

"That's fine, all I needed was one." Stated Kane.

Kane heard a click on the other end, his cell phone read call ended. Tucking away the cellphone in his pocket, he put on his jacket, and walked out of his room to go find Hugo. Kane was ready to spill blood, now it was just a matter of finding a "Joshua Collins" with those traits. Once he found him he could find his friends.

30th Dec 2009, 21:17
" Kane started to remember a similar situation. " ...

Loved this line , i don't know why i just smiled when reading it ... Marvelous ...

One of Seven
30th Dec 2009, 21:19
" Kane started to remember a similar situation. " ...

Loved this line , i don't know why i just smiled when reading it ... Marvelous ...

Haha, I liked it too. By the way the locations such as Ely Nevada, Morristown Tennessee, are all real.

30th Dec 2009, 21:26
Of course it's real , Kane and friends are all real characters , it wouldn't make sense if they got to fictitious locals like Vice City , Rapture , The Moon and Paris ...

One of Seven
30th Dec 2009, 21:26
Damn straight.

One of Seven
31st Dec 2009, 03:08
Part 3

"Hello Joshua."

"Here's the plan. The bastard is staying at the Aria in Vegas, we'll hit him when he's in his room." Said Kane.

"Okay...... How the hell did you find that out." Asked Hugo.

"The bank we hit in Downtown Las Vegas, I remember the son of a b**** telling his friend "Asesino" how they were going to show Vegas something they haven't seen before, and he kept going on about the biggest score they would ever get." Answered Kane.

"So? He was talking about the bank we hit." Hugo said.

"No, that wasn't a score worth bragging about, nor was it a job worth remembering. If you go up north you'll find the Nevada State Bank, that's what they'll go after. Little does he know his big mouth got himself killed." Explained Kane.

"What the hell did they do with the cash they got?" Asked Hugo.

"It either hasn't been laundered yet or has been used to purchase firearms. I'm leading towards firearms and bulletproof vests, they're going to have to be packing some heat." Responded Kane.

"Well s****, all I have is a Mossberg and a Colt 1911, and all you have is a SIG." Hugo said with dissatisfaction.

"Don't worry, if we do this right we won't even have to use them, let's go." Commanded Kane.

Kane and Hugo left the hotel at night. Hugo hotwired a truck in the parking lot, and got it on the road in no time. With Hugo driving, the two set course for Las Vegas, Hugo still had one question.

"But still how did you find out about this Joshua staying in the Aria?" Asked Hugo.

"I just called the most popular hotels in Vegas and acted as a close friend of "Joshua Collins", huh, stupid bastard still uses his real name." Kane said laughingly.

"Still Kane how do we know that's the "Joshua Collins"?" Hugo questioned.

"Don't worry about it, it's him keep driving." Said Kane.

"If you say so." Hugo replied.

Finally after almost two hours of driving, they arrived in the City of Sin. Kane and Hugo continued to drive through the city, looking for the Aria. Hugo felt as if they were wasting time just driving and looking, he then pulled over to the side of the street to see if anybody knew where it was at.

"Hey, do you know where the Aria hotel is?" Hugo asked a man.

The man looked over to the truck to see a burly man with a short gray ponytail and a goatee leaning over the wheel looking back at him. He then noticed the man in the passenger seat with a scar going down through his right eye, slowly turn his head to look at him.

"Um.... uh.. Yeah, yeah I know where it's at." The man said fearfully.

"Well?" Asked Hugo.

"Keep going the way you're headed, it, it should be about five more blocks down from here." Said the man.

"Thanks." Said Hugo.

Kane's window rolled up and the truck continued down the street, the man had a cold sensation run up the back of his neck. The two men continued down the blocks and finally arrived at the Aria. Once inside, Kane approached the front desk.

"Hello, I'm a close friend of Joshua Collins, can you tell me what room he's staying in." Kane said to the women at the counter.

Kane looked at the womans name tag.

"Sir I can't really give out that type of information her......" The woman tried to speak but was abruptly cut off by Kane.

"Look Ashley, could you phone his room and tell him his friend Asesino is here to see him?" Kane asked.

Kane knew it was a bold move, knowing that it was a possibility that Asesino was there with Joshua. The woman contacted Joshua's room.

"Hello Mr. Collins." Said Ashley.

"What's going on?" Asked the voice on the other end.

"Nothing sir, you have a friend named Asesino who's here to see you." Claimed Ashley.

There was a long pause, Kane wasn't sure if he would bite.

"Go ahead, send him up." Said the Voice.

"He's staying in room 312 sir." Said Ashley.

"Thank's." Said Kane.

Kane began to walk towards the elevator as Hugo kept his distance behind him. Once both men were in they spoke.

"What was with that, you p****y." Hugo said with laughter.

"It worked didn't it? So shut the f**** up." Kane retorted agitated.

Hugo began to laugh even harder. Kane tried to ignore it, but Hugo was just too obnoxious.

"Shut the f*** up!" Shouted Kane.

"Okay, okay, haha, I'm sorry. So what's the plan? Hugo asked.

"We knock on his door, but don't stand where he can see you. Once he opens the door rush his ass and take him down, don't kill him just subdue him." Kane explained.

"And what if he doesn't open, and tells us to show ourselves?" Questioned Hugo.

"Then we kick the f****g door in and break his nose." Said Kane.

Kane and Hugo arrived on Joshuas floor and proceeded to room 312. Both men waited on opposite sides of the door, Kane knocked three times.

"Hold on!" Said the man.

The door opened and like a bolt of lightning Hugo ran in and tackled the man. Once Hugo had the man pinned down, Kane walked into the room. Kane noticed the man had dark hair and not light brown, but he also noticed that the man did have hazel eyes.

"Hugo, roll up his right sleeve." Kane commanded

Hugo did as told. Kane saw a scar running down the man's right forearm.

"Hello Joshua." Kane said with a grin.

31st Dec 2009, 15:39
And suddenly ...

Grievous storms out of the bathroom Naked BUT in a Bunny Suit and proceeds to jump off the window and crushing down a hot dog vendor down the street ! ...

One of Seven
31st Dec 2009, 15:41
And suddenly ...

Grievous storms out of the bathroom Naked BUT in a Bunny Suit and proceeds to jump off the window and crushing down a hot dog vendor down the street ! ...

Kane looks down off of the balcony, and sees the disfigured bunny. He then turns to look at Joshua and smiles, he then proceeds to unbutton his shirt.

Hahahahahahaha, Kane and Lynch: Love Stories, the erotic novel.

31st Dec 2009, 16:21
If i don't see Jade Raymond's name in it , i won't buy ten copies of it ...

One of Seven
31st Dec 2009, 16:24
Dammit now somebody needs to do a Kane and Lynch erotic fanfic.

1st Jan 2010, 00:52
Give me 200$ and some Rotgut(TM) and you got a deal

One of Seven
1st Jan 2010, 00:54
Give me 200$ and some Rotgut(TM) and you got a deal

*Hands it over*

1st Jan 2010, 00:56
Oh god, It's not going to involve Kane replacing Lynch's pills with viagra is It?
Anyway there's some great fan fic on here keep up the good work! :D

1st Jan 2010, 01:02

*world explodes for no reason* ...

One of Seven
1st Jan 2010, 22:42
Part 4

"I'm only going to ask once."

"Kane shut that s**** off!" Demanded Hugo.

Kane stepped over Hugo and Joshua to find a TV playing an "adult film". Once he shut off the filth, Kane then reached into his pocket and pulled out some sort of kit.

"Buzzkill huh?" Hugo began to laugh hysterically.

"You f****s are so dead once I get out of here!" Claimed Joshua.

"Ha, that's if you get out." Retorted Hugo.

"Hugo tie him up." Ordered Kane.

Hugo then punched Joshua causing him to bleed profusely from his nose. Hugo sat him up in a chair and punched him again, knowing that the pain would keep Joshua in line. Hugo then ripped off the bed sheet and tied Joshua to the chair.

"F**** you, F**** YOU! You MOTHER F----" Joshua was cut off from another devestating blow from Hugo.

"Shut the f**** up!" Loudly spoke Hugo.

"Enough Hugo, I want him to be awake." Kane said as he pulled a chair over to sit in front of Joshua.

Kane then sat his mysterious kit on the dresser beside him, he let out a slight cough and looked at Joshua.

"I'm only going to ask once."

Kane then opened his kit slightly to reveal a pair of white latex gloves, Joshua stared with contempt as Kane slid the gloves over his hands.

"Where is Asesino and your other friend?" Asked Kane.

"F**** YOU!" Joshua said as he spit blood on Kane.

"Hugo, wait outside." Kane commanded.

"Don't you think that would make people suspicious seeing a man guard a door where strange noises are coming from?" Hugo asked condescendingly.

"Just do it, if you have to, go get some food, play slots, I don't give a s****, just be back within ten." Said Kane.

"Alright, alright, I won't wonder off to far. I'll be back to help clean the mess." Said Hugo, knowing that would help intimidate Joshua.

Hugo left the room, and Kane opened up the kit completely now revealing a scalpel and other sharp tools.

"You don, don't have to do this, I, I have money, take it, please!" Pleaded Joshua.

Kane ignoring Joshua's begging, moved his hand over the sharp tools contemplating which one he should use. Finally he decided to use the scalpel first. He stood up and started to lean over Joshua.

"Look ask me anyhting, I'll tell, I'll tell!" Cried Joshua.

"We've already crossed that bridge." Kane replied.

"Haha, this must be my lucky day!" Said Hugo after getting three double peppers on the slot machine.

Hugo then took the coins over to the casino's main desk to get his prize.

"F****!!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!!!!!" Screamed Joshua after just losing both pinkies and a right ear.

Kane then put the scalpel down and walked back over to the TV.

"You like music Joshua?" Asked Kane.

Kane turned on the TV and was quickly greeted by two large "bosoms", and changed the channels to come to a halt at VH1 Classic. Mötley Crüe's Dr. Feelgood was just starting to play.

"That's better." Kane said as he cranked up the volume.

"Full house!" Hugo screamed after winning a poker game.

Kane quickly slashed Joshua's left cheek. "You should have answered me Joshua." Stated Kane.

Hugo now loaded with cash and feeling good, got onto the elevator.

"Asesino's at, the be, Best Western McCarran Inn! Please, please stop!" Barely hollered Joshua.

"Joshua we've already been over this." Kane said.

"Four, nine, seventy Paradise Road! I've told you everything you sick f****!" Joshua exclaimed.

"Good." Replied Kane.

Hugo walked in after hearing Joshua's cry.

"We..... Good Kane?" Asked Hugo after noticing what Kane had done.

"Hugo give me your gun." Ordered Kane.

Hugo did so without question.

Kane grabbed a pillow and put the Colt's muzzle behind it.

"I told you everything you bastard!" Said Joshua furiously and in pain.

"Goodbye Joshua." Said Kane.

He then pulled the trigger, hoping the pillow would help muffle the sound. Kane and Hugo left the room and began to walk quickly down the hallway towards the elevator. As Kane and Hugo waited patiently for the elevator to arrive at their floor, Kane heard knocking. He looked back and saw three of the hotel staff knocking on Joshua's door.

"Sir please turn the music down, we've heard complaints from multiple people staying here." Said the leader of the group.

Finally the elevator arrived and the doors opened, Kane and Hugo couldn't get in any faster.

"Sir we're coming in." Said the group leader.

Using his duplicate key, he opened the door to only be horrified along with the others with him.

"Where to now?" Asked Hugo.

"Four, nine, seventy Paradise Road, the Best Western McCarran Inn. That's where we'll find Asesino." Kane answered as he put his gloves back into his kit.

"Okay, here we come "Asesino"." Said Hugo.

1st Jan 2010, 22:53
What ? This ain't the erotic fanfic we were waiting for ! ...

I'm gonna go and make a complaint ...

One of Seven
1st Jan 2010, 22:56
What ? This ain't the erotic fanfic we were waiting for ! ...

I'm gonna go and make a complaint ...

No that went to Bearded.

One of Seven
2nd Jan 2010, 23:13
Part 5

"Pull over there, let's go in, stay calm we don't know what he looks like. We'll have to try and weed him out." Said Kane.

"Okay, but how are we going to "weed" him out?" Hugo questioned.

"We'll figure that out once we're in." Kane replied.

Both men got out of the stolen truck and proceeded to the hotel.

"Got your Mossberg?" Asked Kane quietly.

"Sure do." Hugo answered while revealing the barrel slightly under his jacket.

Kane and Hugo entered the Best Western Inn, and approached the front desk. There was no one to be seen, Kane looked over the counter and saw a bloody hand print on the check-in and out book. Kane pulled his SIG out from under his jacket and looked at Hugo.

"Let's move, fast." Commanded Kane.

Both men armed and prepared to kill, moved quickly down through the hallways, noticing more bloodstains and bullet holes along the walls. Kane began kicking in doors, only to find dead bodies of women, men, and children. Kane then kicked in another door and saw two small children hugging one another with distraught faces.

"F**** Kane there's still kids here." Hugo said with some grief.

"I'm not going to hurt you girls, tell me what happened here, don't be scared." Kane said to the children.

"They're upstairs, please don't hurt us!" Screamed the girl.

"Shhh, who's upstairs?" Asked Kane.

"Bad people." The girl said softly.

"Hugo get these kids out of here, I'm going upstairs." Ordered Kane.

"Kane she said the "bad people", there's more than one man up there. And besides where can I take the-----" Hugo tried to finish his sentence but he noticed Kane's pissed expression and the two girls, he decided to follow orders.

"Nevermind, come on girls let's go, I'm not gonna hurt ya." Hugo told the girls as he held out his hand.

The small hands then clung to his. "Kane, you be careful." Hugo said as he started to lead the girls out of the hotel. "Keep your eyes closed, just keep holding my hand and don't stop moving."

Kane then left the room and started up the stairs to the second floor. Kane stopped, he heard voices. Kane peaked around a corner to see the second floor hallway littered with bodies, and two men standing over them.

"Holy s****, did you see that kids skull pop? Like a f****g balloon!" Said one of the men.

"Ha, s****, I'm kinda glad Killer's bringing us on this job. We're living it up!" Exclaimed the other.

"Hell yeah, did you see Asesino kill that one punkass right in front of his mom?" Said the first man.

"S****, that was priceless. Huh, what a shame he killed her too, we could be having some fun right now." Said the second man.

As the two men continued to converse, Kane was getting sick with anger, flashbacks of his son's death were going through his head, suddenly he saw his wife and daughter. Kane heard children screaming and gunfire, he then peaked around the corner and and unloaded a full clip of his SIG into the murderous bastards.

He ran over to the two men lying on a pile of corpses. One of them was still breathing and was gargling on his own blood, Kane then stomped the man's face with the expected outcome. He then ran back downstairs and continued outside where the truck should have been. He found Hugo and one of the children lying on the ground bloodied.

"Oh god, Hugo, come on get up!" Kane shouted as he flipped Hugo over.

"Kane he's still got one of the girls, I....... I tried to protect them, I f****d up Kane." Hugo could barely speak.

Kane noticed Hugo had been shot five times in his chest and stomach. He looked at the girl and he suddenly, surprisingly, felt a great sense of grief.

"Come on Hugo stay with me, where did he go?!" Kane asked with haste.

"He went up the road, in a black car, that way." Hugo explained while pointing in the direction Asesino went."

"Ah s**** Hugo, I'm going after him!" Said Kane as he began to sprint towards the truck.

"Get that f****r Kane!* Hugo said with his last breath, his eye's closed.

Kane was going as fast as he could in the truck, he wanted that bastard, not only for having helped set him up, but because he knew the man was sick. He had taken a child hostage and killed Hugo. Kane now officially knew who executed all of those people at the bank job. He came to a sudden halt when he saw the black car on the side of the rode. He got out of the truck and cautiously approached the car, looking through the windows there was no sign of Asesino or the girl. Kane looked around and saw what looked to be an abandoned shack in the distance.

Kane began making his way to the shack. Looking down at the sand he saw tiny, bloody, footprints that seemed to be heading in the same direction, Kane didn't know what to expect.

2nd Jan 2010, 23:29
Oh god , no ... this is ... this is too much ...

Awe god we need more news related to Dog Days , please mister marketing fellow , this is too much , insane conversations were one thing , but now ... even our fanfic writers ... they've written horrors ...


I mean You Sick Bastard , how dare you kill Hugo ! ...

. . .

What ? ...
Who cares about dead children and rapists , you killed off Hugo ! Man , that's cold , man ...

I can still remember when Hugo got three double peppers on the slot machine ... it felt just like yesterday ...

PS : Spoiler Alert , we all know Big Foot is hiding in that shack , stop delaying the truth ...

One of Seven
2nd Jan 2010, 23:37
It was Hugo's time, they were going after the wrong MFER!!!!!!! You're close, it's not bigfoot.

3rd Jan 2010, 00:49
The ghost of Michael Jackson?

One of Seven
3rd Jan 2010, 02:39
The ghost of Michael Jackson?

Nailed it, that's why the ghost took the child.

4th Jan 2010, 10:05
There's some very creative stuff here! Great read. Keep it up, guys :)

One of Seven
4th Jan 2010, 12:13
You don't mean it! *Grabs pillow case and cries into it*

4th Jan 2010, 17:42
*passing by*

*glance at the situation*

*attempts to hold One of Seven's face in the pillow*

*for suffocating purpose*

*accidentally stepped on a teddy bear , creating a noise that alerts all FBI agents in the house*


One of Seven
4th Jan 2010, 17:46
*Stands up and begins to beat grievous with the pillow* Haha, pillow fight!

4th Jan 2010, 17:48
Awe sweetheart not now , it's too early for that ...

Plus people are watching us ...

14th Jan 2010, 16:12
Chapter 4: "That was A close one."

The three men sit wearily in Glazer's office at the massage parlor, they've been wholed up in the building for a whole day and have scarcely moved an inch from where they sit now. They send out Ms. King to pick up food everynight. Lynch checks his watch and then turns to Glazer and Frankie who are sharing a cigarette together.

"He should be here soon." says Lynch

In the aftermath of the shootout at the warehouse, Lynch made a call to an old accomplice of his from way back. Although a resentment for one another still permiates between them, Lynch and Adam "Kane" Marcus do get the job done and they are a very dangerous duo. Together they managed to take down the ruthless mercenary clan known as The 7. On a daring mission to save Kane's daughter, they fought through entire villages and towns before Kane's kid was killed by a merc. The two escaped on a boat and split up afterwards going their seperate ways.

Lynch, knowing that he, Glazer, and Frankie couldn't stand up to Zao and the African Matunbo by themselves, phoned Kane and now the ruthless killer and mercenary is on a plane to Shanghai.

"Is this guy any good?" asks Glazer in a worried tone.

"He's good alright. The guy staged a prison break, a bank robbery, and an entire assault on a heavily guarded hacienda. If there's anybody we want on our side, it's Kane."

"Wait, Kane?" says Frankie, "As in Adam Marcus?"


"Jesus christ that guys like a ******* celebrity, everybody's heard of him." exclaims Frankie, "He's coming here?"


"Are we picking him up or he is coming here?" question Glazer.

"I told him where we were, he said he'll find us."

Just as these words escape Lynch's mouth, the phone rings. Lynch, figuring that it's Kane, picks it up and answers.


"Who is this?" answers the voice on the other end of the line.

"Who wants to know?" replies Lynch

"Put Glazer on." says the man in Chinese accented english.

Lynch hands the phone over to his boss, "He wants to talk to you."

Glazer reluctantly takes the phone and presses the reciever up against his ear, "Hello?"

"You're a dead man." coldly announced the caller.

"Who is this?"

"You know who this is!" snaps the caller, "Zao!"

"Mr. Zao, calm down, I'm telling you we had nothing to do with the cops showing up at the deal." says Glazer

"Bull****! I was able to find out that the police are building a case against all of you. You, your bald errand boy, and your Italian gopher!"

"We had no idea!"

"You're a liar! You set us up to cover your asses! Now, thanks to you, I have 4 men dead and 7 in jail! You will pay for all of this!" shouts Zao angrily.

Frankie grabs the phone out of Glazer's hand, "Listen here a**h*le! We had nothing to do with your guys getting clipped or arrested! We were just as f***ing surprised as you were when the cops showed up! If you really were smart and not just an a**h*le, you'd calm down and think for a godd*** second!"

"Do you know who you're talking to boy?"

"Yeah! A big fat arrogant c***s**ker with more muscle than brains! We didn't set you up and it isn't our fault the cops busted up the deal!"

"Watch what you say to me Mr. LaBravia, you're just going to make your death longer and more drawn out every time you open your mouth."

"F*** off!" growls Frankie as he rips the phone from the cord and chucks it against the wall shattering the device into several pieces.

"What the f*** Frankie!?" screams Glazer, "He's pissed enough as it is and now you're choosing this moment to mouth off to him! Are you f***ing retarded!"

"No!" retorts Frankie, "I'm just not gonna sit back and let some f***ing ******* berate me for s*** I had no hand in. I'm not gonna lie down and let this a**h*le win!"

"Both of you calm down!" barks Lynch silencing both men, "Just cool your jets and wait for Kane to get here, we have enough problems as it is. We don't need you two at eachother's throats."

Just as he says this, the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs can be heard and Lynch reaches for his Beretta, "Stay here." he orders as he ventures out into the hallway to investigate. He levels his gun at the staircase just as its climber comes into view.



"Good, you're here, come into the office so we can talk." says Lynch ushering Kane into the office.

"Kane these guys are Paul Glazer and Frankie LaBravia, guys this is Kane." introduces Lynch as the three men shake hands.

"So, you sure this guy can help us, he's as good as you say?" asks Glazer

"The best." responds Lynch.

"I forgot to ask you Lynchie, knowing the things that you've said you did with this guy, why is he agreeing to help us?" questions Glazer.

"He's being payed." replies Lynch.

Glazer's eyes nearly pop out of his head, "What!? You're paying this guy!? How much?"

"Calm down." responds Lynch, "It's coming out of my pocket."

Frankie steps into the conversation, "Wait a second, from what Lynch says you aren't really that much into the cash anymore, what's your angle in all of this?" he asks Kane.

"It's for my daughter. I set her up with family in the US and I've been doing this to raise money to help her."

Lynch glares at Kane in surprise, "She's not dead, she survived that bullet?"

"Yeah, barely. The slug missed her heart by less than an inch."

"So that's why you're doing this?"


As the conversation continues, the four men are startled by the sound of people coming up the stairs talking to eachother, all speaking Mandarin. Lynch pulls his pistol and cocks the hammer, "They're here."

"Oh ****!" panicks Glazer as he goes to hide beneath his desk, "We're dead."

"Would you calm down? That desk isn't gonna save you." says Lynch.

"Does anybody here aside from Lynch have a gun?" asks Kane.

"Yeah." says Frankie as he pulls a Colt 1911 .45 from his shoulder holster and tosses it to Kane.

Kane grasps the weapon tightly with both hands, "Is there any other way out of here aside from the stairs?"

"Yeah." replies Glazer, "There's an empty office with a window that leads into an alley across from mine."

"Okay. I'm gonna pin them down while you get into the office and open the window." instructs Kane as he steps out into the hall with the other men behind him.

A single chinaman steps into the hall and immediately takes two .45 caliber bullets to the stomach and drops onto his back with a cry of agony as his cohorts begin screaming and shouting at eachother. Another triad member pokes his head out and fires a quick burst from an Uzi before being forced into retreat by return fire from Kane.

"Is the door open yet, hurry the f*** up." barks Kane.

"It's locked." responds Lynch.

"Then shoot the f***ing thing!" growls Kane.

Lynch, who hadn't thought of that simple idea before, nods and blasts through the doorknob with his pistol and enters the office with everyone else in tow. Lynch wrestles with the window as Kane watches the door waiting for the triads. When he gets it open, everyone leaps down into the mucky alleyway below and walk out into the street where they are instantly met with a barrage of bullets from a SPAS 12 shotgun and an AK47 assault rifle. The foursome dives behind a parked car as the bullets and shotgun pellets pound into the steel structure of the car sending resounding pings ringing through everyone's ears. Kane pops up from behind the car and empties the remaining rounds in his 1911 clip at the triad killing the one with the shotgun. The others chinese men comes rushing out to aid their brethren and before long the gunfire is to the point where the only thing the can hair is their thoughts. Lynch blindfires his Beretta at their attackers as Kane takes a spare magazine from Frankie and rejoins the firefight.

"Can anyone hear hotwire a car!?" screams Kane above the gunfire.

"Yeah!" replies Frankie.

"The car behind us, get it started! We'll cover you!"

Frankie dashes back to the vehicle using cover fire from Kane and Lynch and smashes the driver's side window with his elbow. He pries open the door and goes to work on hotwiring the vehicle. After sifting through the wires for a few seconds, he smiles in triumph as the car's low-powered but serviceable 6 cylinder engine comes to life. Lynch continues firing from his pistol as everyone enters the car. Frankie throws the vehicle into gear as Lynch climbs into the passenger seat and screams off down the street past the triads who widly spray bullets at them as they escape.

"That was a close one." remarks Lynch catching his breath.

"I have a feeling that won't be the last we see of those guys. Does anybody know a good place to hide out?" replies Kane.