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19th Dec 2009, 10:17
just started new game on brand new pc but a couple of minutes of playing there are some dialogue i can't hear, mainly batmans! it was fine when i started playing but the part at the start where batman escorts joker in the lift i couldn't hear bmans and jokers voice.
there is no other sound distortion.

as i say its brand new pc, but i have installed latest drivers.

i7 920/ATI 5870/6GB RAM/sb X-fi extreme audio/win7 64-bit.

23rd Dec 2009, 20:16
Hello dude!I have been experiencing the same problem with you and i resolved it.I had connect 2 of the 5 speakers connected.So i was slightly hearing the dialog and i supposed that if i connect the main speaker it would work!and it did!!!I have a 5.1 speaker system so i connected the main speaker and i hear the dialogs and all the sound perfectly..
hope i helped you!

31st Jan 2010, 02:59
been struggling w/ same problem of not hearing batman and some others , thought I tried everything possible ......changed my speaker config in real tek and wah-lah --fixed.

MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!:whistle: :whistle: