View Full Version : Poison Ivy Invisible Wall

19th Dec 2009, 04:43
I've seen some other post in the Forums, but the only answer I'm finding is loading someone else's saved game.

I'm at 64% completed, and going after poison ivy for the 2nd time. I enter into the Gardens and there is an invisible wall right ahead. I can go to the left into the duct's but, it comes out on the other side, right back into the wall.

I don't have a hacked game, I'm not logged into Live, just playing off the machine. I have tried to install the patch before, and it doesn't seem to find that the game is installed on my computer. Is there any way around this wall, or is this a glitch that is not fixed as of yet. I really like the game, but I've found a large amount of glitches, most will disappear after a reload, but this one is not.




19th Dec 2009, 04:55
I was able to get past it now. It appears to grappling point issue again in the game.