View Full Version : Video options missing ?

18th Dec 2009, 23:25
I can't find any way to change game resolutions.

There does not seem to be a "Video" option in my settings page. Only Audio.

Prince Daka
18th Dec 2009, 23:46
There isn't an option for that, but I can't imagine what is wrong with the resolution you are getting.

19th Dec 2009, 00:40
soory should have posted in PC

All PC games have video settings to compensate for graphic cards

19th Dec 2009, 00:46
Then delete this thread.

19th Dec 2009, 00:59
i'll move this to the PC section

19th Dec 2009, 01:04
Right click on your Batman:AA icon and choose the "Launcher" option. You can change your video resolution and other settings in there.

For some reason, they didn't bother adding the options to the in-game menus when they ported it to PC.

20th Dec 2009, 12:10
Thanks Homey-