View Full Version : Hitman 5 Online Modes!?

17th Dec 2009, 22:59
As you all know there is a new Hitman game in development, an i was wondering;

Who thinks there should be an online mode?
If so which modes? And explain in detail.


17th Dec 2009, 23:51
A hitman multiplayer would not have much logic, there could be a battle of agents against cops or criminals, but to stick hitman not a multiplayer mode. Why is a hitman with history and film.

12th Jan 2010, 05:03
hit-man is very fast game.It also gives special effect with good graphics.The level of stages in this game is hard but after good practice of this game i am able to cross next to next level.Different types of adventures are facing due to the game and it also gives amazing effect.

1st Apr 2010, 14:14
have a large map with maybe 8 poeple, then have 1 target, but the twist is you can take out other players. Have this be like a free4all and team mode.
Also if they could make a 4v1 type mode were you have to take out a bad agent like the movie

29th Sep 2010, 06:30
I understand the concern about if they make multiplayer mode they could lose their focus on making a good hitman game, but what if they make the game first and then come out with a multiplayer edition like metal gear 4 did.

A multiplayer game could really work, shifting from first person to second person. Shifting to first person to aim down sights and second person to take cover it would be really cool.

29th Sep 2010, 06:35
I had this idea

MultiPlayer:There should be some kind of multiplayer game in hitman, maybe simple death mach with infinite respawns. Online when you play you should get to pick from the targets that 47 has killed to play as them. customize them and all that stuff.

1st Oct 2010, 21:09
Not a multiplayer/online gamer. I just hope the graphics guys have fixed 49's head so they got the angled corners smoothed out.

28th Apr 2011, 03:14
They would need to make it something that can only be done in hitman. I don't see anything beyond like a 1v1 or possible co-op mode, but if they pull that off it could be the most original game since the co-op section of portal 2.

17th Aug 2011, 16:11
omg a hitman multiplayer would be great. e.g. there could be a level like in hitman contracts where you have to make you way to somewhere and all of theese hitman clones are trying to kill you, that would be so good it would be like free for all but against other hitmans