View Full Version : i found the solution for error shipping pc bm .exe

16th Dec 2009, 19:41
good fight after 15 days to play as Batman Arkham Asylum and I went out not even the splash, just the damn pc bm shiping error. exe and nobody would help me finally solve it withthe following command bionic install the game, the game brings a physx folder called, and me not finding my ati and wow the play off one of the best games I've ever known and that game 18 years ago that I am an expert in RPGs and I've seen this excellent games and I study for modeling and designer of video game characters and I must say that the design of these characters is a monster master in designing the above link is for a crack razor 1911 ami me worked and what the targetas realtek is a myth, as I have this ami me works perfect and is not for those who have other targeta ati driver to drop their 911 Catalys http://m0001