View Full Version : MISC. A moment to apologize

3rd Mar 2014, 05:35
I am sorry for being so wrong about wondering why alot of people can't play. I mean I am a diehard LoK fan and I even got the logo tattooed on my abdomen. IF you would take the time to understand than I shall take the time to understand and forget this. I shall wait patiently and no more fussing, I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea I am a douche. I am a hard working man in South Carolina (omg they have gamers there? yes, we game alot here), a proud father, and loving husband. Me and my wife all we do is fall in love with the horror genre and we are crazy obsessed with vampires lol. Well mostly zombies but, you get the picture. If I offended anyone then please forgive me, it has been a long day and before you give me the finger and call me a douche, I get it I am a douche, this is the internet, and human nature comes out of the bag some point in time. When have you ever not been a douche? Also how many accounts have you had on game forums where you have spoke your mind and someone else gets mad at you for doing it. Again I am sorry.