View Full Version : Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain PC cubanraul patch problem

13th Dec 2009, 21:50
Hello, I recently bought the PC version of Blood Omen 1. Upon reading that I needed some kind of patch to get the game working correctly, I downloaded and applied CubanRaul's patch version 2.0. The game works great, nothing wrong with the cut scenes, music, dialogue, and better load times, but the game play is slower than the PS1 version. Kain walks and attacks slower, and the enemies are the same way. Is there something I can do to fix this?

On a side note, I noticed a few differences with the PC version compared to the PS1 game. The heartbeat noise is different sounding, and the sound when collecting an item is lower, as with the women screams. Is this a bad thing or is this just how it sounds in the PC version?

14th Dec 2009, 04:48
oh and I am using Windows XP by the way.