View Full Version : Can't Open Vents After Zsasz

12th Dec 2009, 23:11
I just got a new GTX 275 and wanted to try the Batman AA Demo, so downloaded it from nVidia's site after updating my Drivers...

Anyway, I just got to the point in the beginning where you Grapple onto the Gargoyles and jump down to take out Zsasz.

After a cut scene, I learn the door from which I entered was now locked and I cant go out that way. Then I see some vents on the walls near the floor and when I try to open them, they won't open. Batman just pulls and pulls but they won't open and I don't know what else to do. There aren't any other options available to me other then to use my Space bar to open the vent, which won't open...

So how do I get out of this area to continue the demo?

12th Dec 2009, 23:26
Did you continuously press on space bar to pull it off? You'll have to press maybe 10x.

12th Dec 2009, 23:29

I was not pressing the space bar fast enough!


13th Dec 2009, 20:37
No problem! This is the same for the Batclaw for pulling down vents as well. But once you get the Ultra Batclaw, only one or two presses of the space bar pulls down the vent.