View Full Version : spoiler alert I think. Have a weird crash

12th Dec 2009, 04:27
I've beening play this game fine and it rocks, But something weird happened. Batman is walking down a hall and runs into some gas ( i think) he starts to cough then the computer freezes and pink and purple lines start to cover more than 50% of the screen, then it goes to a cut where now I the joker and batman is being hauled away. Like the beginning of the game but backwards. Is this right? I'm play the PC version of the game and not one issue until now.

We Are The Archers
12th Dec 2009, 04:51
There so many threads about this. Search a little. It's part of the game, Scarecrow made "a gamers worst fear come to life" in thinking that the game is crashing.

12th Dec 2009, 23:03
Perfectly normal. You're just in the final Scarecrow dream. After that comes, Killer Croc!