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2nd Mar 2014, 21:38
I think it would be cool if instead of just having one slot for one perk you were allowed four slots.
These slots could be filled by minor(requires 1 slot),regular(requires 2 slots), or major(requires 4 slots) perks.

This would further customization and make all players feel like this is there own build there own character.
This would also allow for greater strategy considering balancing out more stats with rare abilities and items.

Example builds:

4 slots used 1 perk: Cooldowns decreased by 15%
4 slots used 2 perks: Cooldowns decreased by 7% and Sprint speed increased by 7%
4 slots used 4 perks: Cooldowns decreased by 3%, Sprint speed increased by 3%, Health increased by 2%, and health gained from stations increased by 20%

2nd Mar 2014, 22:33
Perhaps, toning down the power of existing perks, but allowing them to stack, IE fleet footed:

Currently gives 20% Sprint bonus

New: Gives 5% bonus
2 sprints = 10%
3 = 15%
4 = 20%