View Full Version : Reboot at Scarecrow platform level

10th Dec 2009, 19:49
I'm playing the Steam version of BAA on Win 7 64 bit. Everything has worked flawlessly up until this point - I'm really enjoying the BAA experience.

At the Scarecrow level which is like a platform game and Scarecrow is looking at you, I'm getting repeated rebooting of my machine at the exact location where Batman tips the searchlight toward the Scarecrow.

I've tried the following:

1. Disabling Physx.
2. Disabling AA.
3. Turning off the sound (all sliders to left on audio controls).

And still get this reboot every time at this point. Any words of wisdom?

16th Dec 2009, 03:08
Not getting the reboot, but fps is like a slide show and continues until I do a total reboot - then everything runs fine again... Playing Steam BAA Win 7 64... This has happened twice - both times just prior to the scarecrow sequences... Haven't tried any fixes like disabling Physx or AA or sound... But the reboot seems to put things back to normal again...

16th Dec 2009, 03:11
Thanks tommy -

I figured out how to get past this, thanks to some help on the Steam BAA forum. I have a eVGA geforce 260, with is "superclocked" out of the box. I used the eVGA tuning utility to throttle down the card for the scarecrow scene where I was having problems, and that worked like a charm. I then turned it back up to the "normal" speed, and everything is moving along now.

16th Dec 2009, 03:15
Hmmmmm I'm running dual EVGA 275s (the lower cost ones) at whatever speed they're clocked at out of the box. Can't figure out why you should have to underclock your card(s) to get the game to play right...Oh well - thanks for the quick response Damager...