View Full Version : USER INTERFACE ingame user interface bug and suggestion

2nd Mar 2014, 19:58
so just before the end of the round I looked at score wondow and was in the 1st place. after about a 30 seconds the round finished and we were going to the lobby. at the score screen I was transferred to second place, although I had more points in kills, deaths, assists and dmg. I don't care about the place, but there seems to be some problems witn statistic systems and I wonder if there are other problems in score system. thx.

the other thing is, will there be any way to see score screen with kills, assists, dmg etc. from vampire round after I got the human side and vice versa after the both rounds end? may be after release of the game at least?

besides, I wanted to descuss this. So after I get killed, the window shows up with character selection. the thing is, I press enter because I want to see what is going on in game before I respawn and it is quite frequent that I first hit enter and then realize that I wanted to change the char. Now I have to play one more time before killed to change. after a minute I forget that and after death I hit enter as fast as possible to see what happens in the battlefield and again forget to change char. Besides that, when the teams are balanced and the heat of the game is high and u are absorbed by the gameplay u don't have many oportunites to press tab frequently to see if there are any changes of chars in yours\enemy's teams in order to think may be you should change your char too. So the question is, will there be a method of bringing back up the char selection window after u press enter but before u actually start the new life. thx.

Sorry if the questions were brought earlier, I don't remember if there were. good day and keep up the good work, been please to test your work and much appreciate the chance to take part in doing one of the best games the lat years.