View Full Version : i can not find DirectX 5

7th Dec 2009, 14:37
okay ive been searching for solutions to this problem for 2 days now and have not been succesful. i am in dyer need of playing commandos BEL.....i have windows XP sp3..........i have tried everything commonly tried except for the virtual pc thing...

7th Dec 2009, 15:00
there is no need to install direct X 5
you only need this fixer for playing commandos bel :)

7th Dec 2009, 15:28
just downloaded it...still not sure why it still has the i can not find directx5 crap going.....ty for helping maybe a little more intsrution would do..pls pls pls.......u dont understand..its got to the point where i just need to fix the problem rather than wanting to play the game.

10th Dec 2009, 09:49
i can not get your point
actually what do you want to say and what do you want :)