View Full Version : how to recover my progression (saves) after formating

6th Dec 2009, 23:52
i want to format my pc, i don't know the strategy for games supporting "game for windows"
can i only copy/paste my saves directory and re-create my offline profile with the same name to complete my progression in the game or what ?

7th Dec 2009, 00:14
Are you running XP or Vista?
Scroll down to InnervateD's post. this should work in any OS after XP. I don't think anyone's found a solution for XP, but if there is one it must be very similar, just a case of locating all the Windows live directories, backing them up and restoring them after you have reformatted and reinstalled g4wl.
I'd also make sure you update to the latest g4wl, you may run into problems if you back up files from a previous version
I believe that currently it's at 3.1

7th Dec 2009, 14:06
i have windows XP and i want to upgrade to seven, but i can't find those folder's
i think this will be difficult.

7th Dec 2009, 14:27
i just found those files..... :)
i will try this soon.

7th Dec 2009, 20:35
Try and find as many G4wl folders as you can, just in case

9th Dec 2009, 01:02
it worked for me :)