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Son of Nerlin
4th Dec 2009, 22:13
What do we all know then? With the little info thats out there apart from one magazine?? Lets brain storm!

4th Dec 2009, 22:23
1. you will be playing as lynch
2. the game will mainly take place in shanghai
3. Online co-op

Unpaid Intern
4th Dec 2009, 22:39
4. unique dirty docu-style camera

Dr Klowneus
4th Dec 2009, 22:53
5. You'll be able to crawl away when your downed

6. fragile alliance will return with new modes

4th Dec 2009, 23:00
7. It will be awesome.

Unpaid Intern
4th Dec 2009, 23:02
8. squad commands dropped

5th Dec 2009, 01:25
We've established several things...

1. You run through an entire level naked.

2. Kane still has his trademark SIG assault rifle, and Lynch has his trademark remington shotgun

3. It is implied that the game takes place after the events of the first game, with Lynch venturing to Shanghai

4. The game promises a visceral and brutal close combat system.

5. Amazon lists Kane & Lynch 2's release date as June of 2010

6. Kane & Lynch 2 will have online co-op, and a huge update to Fragile Alliance

7. Kane & Lynch 2 will use Games for Windows Live still.

8. Lynch is the main character of Kane & Lynch 2

5th Dec 2009, 08:58
7. It will be awesome.

Oh boy , this is the Dead Men hype all over again ...
Am i right ? ...

PS : Also , at least three forum users in here are Absolutely Certain that Jade Raymond isn't involved in any way to this game ...

5th Dec 2009, 10:50
This is actually a good thread, summing up everything for new members or those that don't keep track everyday like me. :D

@Grievous - you must get over the whole no-Jade thing. :p

5th Dec 2009, 18:08
I'm a lot more concerned that Brian Bloom be a part of this project than anything. Business before pleasure guys, business before pleasure.

5th Dec 2009, 18:45
You spell it wrong Kent , it's Jarion Monroe ...

5th Dec 2009, 19:02
Ohhhh no, my friend... I spelled it perfectly right.... Brian Bloom is all I care about.

Son of Nerlin
11th Dec 2009, 09:16
Because dark_angel_7 believes this is a good thread, I think it should recive this:


11th Dec 2009, 15:43
8. squad commands dropped

wait what? did I miss something?? Is that already official? I mean it's very likely but has it been comfirmed?

Son of Nerlin
11th Dec 2009, 16:08
Pretty much, yes.