View Full Version : SENTINEL Closed beta changes???!!!!

2nd Mar 2014, 17:11
i wanted to sak the rest of you if you noticed anything about the controll of "abduct" since the transition to closed beta? It feels horribly stiff for me and i can´t seem to aim it properly anymore. It seems like the sentinel now flatens out his flight path as soon as you use abduct, which makes it much harder to use.

Am i crazy:scratch:?? Is it me, not being able to land the ability anymore or has anyone else noticed this too?
Is it maybe intentional??

I would really apreciate some feedback on this.^^



2nd Mar 2014, 18:01
It has received a "charge up time" while the wheel spins you are unable to grab anything, you have to grab after the "charge" completes. The sentinel is much more fun to play now though, the mobility changes were great. Perhaps the duration of the "grab" after the charge now is a tad long though. Not sure.

2nd Mar 2014, 18:57
The Sentinel recieved quite a few tweaks in shift. The Abduct is a bit different to control. When you use it, Your sentinel levels out while while charging, then you can aim and move any way you want.

3rd Mar 2014, 11:35
I dont understand why you guys had to turn Sentinel into pure crap. This just doesnt make any sense, why the hard nerf? Its not just a bit different, its alot different. It was hard to play as a Sentinel to begin with. I mean you cant really fly since you're just a target for the Scouts/Hunters that shower you with arrows. If you do decide to walk on the ground, you die unless you have Takeoff ability since you cannot escape the dreaded bola like Tyrant or Reaver. Now however Sentinels can be seen from a mile away attempting this super retarded charge, shooting them down is not just easy, its pure fun. Abduct is pretty much the only way a Sentinel could get a kill, it was their bread and butter, besides being fun. Now all thats left to do as a Sentinel is to hover around and watch the rest of the team do useful stuff.

Reavers and Tyrants are in the heat of the battle collecting kills while youre in mid air charging, most of the time its just pointless since the target is already dead. No assists because youre up in the clouds most of the time chasing someone, unless by some miracle you can land a Dive Bomb after dodging all those arrows. Most of the Sentinels that are at the bottom of a scoreboard are there for a reason. After a few matches I just got tired of loosing, Sentinels were so much fun in Alpha and were perfect, now its just pure frustration. This pretty much limits a player to play either Reaver or Tyrant if they want to win.

3rd Mar 2014, 13:00
It's not a nerf. It's a trade-off in killing power for extra mobility. While I think some tweaks need to be done, the flight feels less robotic now.