View Full Version : Save data problems

3rd Dec 2009, 14:26
hello guys , im new here , i have been playing batman arkham asylum for a bout a month and many times the game crash after reaching about 50 or 60 % of the game , is it possible if you may help me please and give me your save data file for pc , i know this maybe not a polite question to ask but i really can`t stand reaching 50 % and play again from the the start , some times the grapple icon dosen`t show after all this progress , don`t know what to do , so if you please could you give me a save date , i hope it won`t hurt you .
thanks for your help otherwise .

3rd Dec 2009, 17:33
g4wl encrypts the Savedata so a savegame made on one computer in one g4wl profile won't work on another computer, or even the same computer with a different g4wl profile.
The missing grapple is rumoured to be a deliberate bug for those who are using a cracked copy of the game