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Dr Klowneus
2nd Dec 2009, 07:41
So here it is a comprehensive guide to Fragile alliance for Kane and Lynch by Dr Klowneus, if you have any more questions about fragile alliance, feel free to ask

It's not over, till it's over

If you get killed, don't give up, I remember one time at Late night opening these two noobs turned on me and gunned me down in the door way right before the van, i respawned as a gaurd, thinking they'd be long gone and they were standing there collecting my cash, so i gunned one of them down immediately, the other one ran and jumped in the van which i emptied my clip into and it blew up.

All Good Things to those who wait

When you respawn as a gaurd, find a place the merc's will not be expecting you, You'll know where the merc's will stand cause of the money placement is usually the same, so lie in wait for them to collect the cash then unload on them, also the best time to fire on mercs is when they are being shot at by the AI guards, there is a place in hot coffee where you can shoot through the glass at the mercs but there bullets cannot penetrate it to shoot you back, it's the room behind the vending machine, I killed so many people right there. Each level has it’s own advantages

I’ve got my eye on you

Watch other players at all times, keep in mind their position, what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it. If you make out like you are killing guards at the same time, you will be able to see their attacks coming

Fools rush in where merc’s fears to tread

Pretend to shoot the guards, but instead miss and shoot inanimate objects, it is to your advantage if your team mates get killed, if they get killed by the guards and you don’t have to kill them you wont get labelled a traitor, and you’ll end up with more money, if they respawn you’ll usually have one or two team mates left to help take them out, while people a getting shot in front of you by guards a stray bullet from you gun might hit them helping them to their demise, but be careful doing this as it could backfire and label you a traitor, also allot of people on Late night opening will jump over the railing from the top floor to the second, which they survive if they have full health, but if your near them and you pump a couple of rounds into them they fall to their death and it counts as suicide.

Welcome to the Real world, you F%$K

Know when to betray your team mates, if you act like your part of a team and a team player, for say 2 out of 3 rounds they probably wont see it coming, unless they’re planning the same thing, once your comrades get in the van they are easy pray. If you have a heavy weapons pack, lob 2 grenades under the van the shoot it till it explodes, find cover until the next van gets there and then shoot the guards as they come out or run straight to the van, as soon as your in the van it will take off, they probably wont be able to blow the van with the meagre mp5’s and your away. Measuring the timing of when the guards respawn is helpful aswell, Me and a friend betrayed this annoying scottish kid, and waited outside the warehouse for him with grenades prone, the kid ran out of the warehouse only to get blown across the map like a ragdoll.

2nd Dec 2009, 09:49
Nice , and it does make me want to replay it ...

But isn't Fragile Alliance suppose to be a unpredictable game ? ...
From my experience there isn't two rounds that ever plays the same , so strategies and tips aren't That ... effective ...
They're not useless but they're don't always work either ...
No ? ...

(unless if you had more than two hundred hours of Fragile Alliance experience and noticed that almost every one plays the same way like if they weren't so different from A.I. bots ... then yes in that case tips and strategies should work) ...

2nd Dec 2009, 22:16
Those are pretty good general tips. I always watch other players...especially if they are wearing suits and such. Also about that glass in Hot Coffee, I have to admit that I've used it many times. Sometimes even when fighting back as a traitor. That glass never failed me :)

2nd Dec 2009, 22:20
I remember that infamous piece of glass in Hot Coffee ...
You wouldn't believe how many times i see people getting killed by the bodyguard hiding behind that blurry glass ...