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1st Dec 2009, 14:29
Hello - I am having a problem re-installing Batman Arkham Asylum. I was in the middle of an un-install of the game when the :eek:power went out in my home. When my PC finished rebooting - the uinstall supposedly completed. However :mad2: - when I attempt to re-install the game, and the splash screen shows up, I don't have the option to install - only to play the game, install direct X, etc. I have completely cleaned out the directories used for installation, but I still can't install the game.I believe this is due to:confused: leftover/corrupt keys in the registry, and I need to know how to remove them. Please provide any assistance in this matter you can.

The paticulars of my situation:

OS - Windows 7 Ultimate

Game is a downloaded version from Direct2Drive - ie I don't have a CD Copy

Thank you and best regards - fiftycal.

1st Dec 2009, 18:12
Open Regedit (type it into the search bar in the start menu and press enter)
Make sure My computer is highlighted in the left pane, so the search starts from the top
Look for find in the menu (also Ctrl-f) und use it to search for all instances of Arkham and delete them
Press F3 to find the next one
Once all these keys are removed you should be able to install your game.