View Full Version : Green Line Gadget Glitch Problem

30th Nov 2009, 13:32
I recently purchased a brand new 120gm slim which was bundled with inFAMOUS and Batman Arkham Asylum:D. Yesterday, as I'm playing Batman, I hit left on the d-pad to access a gadget and I get this really strange error/glitch. The top half of the screen goes black and towards the bottom of the blackness there's what appears to be a field outlined in green. To the left of this field there is what looks like a DOS command carrot. When I hit the left button on the d-pad again, it goes away, but it makes using my gadgets very difficult and confusing :(. Is anyone else experiencing this?

30th Nov 2009, 13:53
have you somehow found the lost command console?
what happens if you type things?
Check your pad settings and see if there is any macro's or anything else configured to it.
Does it hapen when you press it in any direction or just the one?

1st Dec 2009, 04:07
This happened to me to, very odd, I just turned off my controller, I don't now if that worked. I think Ijust shut off the console and got it back up and it was fine.

Logan X
1st Dec 2009, 23:34
Same happened to me when i loaded the checkpoint just before scarecrow takes the elevator down to croc's lair. Going back to the XMB menu and reloading the game seemed to fix it though.